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NFL power rankings, Week 14: On the rise, again

Beating the 49ers will do wonders for a team's spot in the order.


Power rankings are a fickle thing, but beating the San Francisco 49ers is a great way to improve a team's stock. That happened all around the internet in this week's power rankings for the St. Louis Rams. Let's take a quick look.

SB Nation has the Rams up two spots to No. 24.

24. St. Louis Rams (LW: 26, 5-6-1): Six teams are ahead of them for the Wild Card. It's incredibly unlikely, but not impossible.

For now, I'm keeping my sights focused on winning the next game, but it's great that we can even say the word playoffs here without talking about a team that beat the Rams.

ESPN, which surprisingly enough doesn't stick them behind the Insider pay wall, has the Rams at No. 19, up two spots as well. Here's what Mike Sando had to say:

So, the Rams can go 4-0-1 against the NFC West, but could not beat Mark Sanchez?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're trying to forget that. gets really exuberant about the Rams, bumping them up five spots to No. 17.

At 5-6-1 and coming off two straight wins, the St. Louis Rams deserve to be the best of the bottom half of the league. Last week in this space, we mentioned the Rams' prospects if they could get past San Francisco. They managed that. Now, with the Bills and Vikings up next, it's conceivable this ballclub could be 7-6-1 come Week 16 ... when they play in Tampa Bay in what could be a playoff elimination game. #justsayin'

Five yards for excessive hashtagging, aka Softli-ing.