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2013 NFL draft order: Winning moves the Rams down the board

The Rams and the Redskins keep winning, which means picking later in the first round. How low can they go?


All this winning is really taking a toll on the St. Louis Rams' draft order. If the draft were held today, the Rams would have the 15th pick, courtesy of their own record, as well as the 18th pick from Washington.

Keep an eye on what RGIII and the Redskins do. Washington is 6-6 and has a very real shot at the playoffs thanks to a favorable schedule over the final month of the season, more favorable than the other two teams vying for the NFC East spot. If the Redskins do make the playoffs, the Rams will get a pick at No. 21 or later.

Five wins pushed the Rams original first-round spot down the list a little bit. In fact, if the team can keep playing this way through the final four games of the season, there's a good chance the Rams will not have a top 10 pick at all ... and that's okay, such is the life of an improved football team.