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A free agent Michael Vick is going to make people say crazy things

Someone went there, suggesting Michael Vick to the Rams. Let's go ahead and shoot that down right now.

Michael Heiman

I rather enjoy free agency. The whispers, the drama, the intrigue ... really, it's got it all. Sometimes it gets a little stupid though, and ginning up the speculation in early December certainly qualifies as that. Tuesday morning on the NFL Network, the subject of Michael Vick's looming release in Philadelphia came up. Two talking heads, Steve Wyche and Eric Davis put on their general manager hats and sent Vick to the St. Louis Rams.

Why? Because Jeff Fisher likes the mobile quarterbacks, well, except for Vince Young. They were obviously referring to Steve McNair, unless the elderly Kerry Collins that Fisher used in place of Young was more mobile than we remember.

Be still, beating hearts. It's unlikely. Very unlikely.

Bringing Vick to town would most likely mean sending Sam Bradford back to the bench. That's not going to happen. Fisher and GM Les Snead have been vocal proponents for their third-year quarterback, and I have no doubt that they are sincere about it, for now anyway.

Barring a total meltdown over the last month of the season, the Rams will have Bradford under center in 2013. He will have a better offensive line and a better, more experienced collection of skill players around him. We'll see what Bradford can do then. The results are likely to determine his future with the team.

The Rams aren't bringing in a veteran quarterback nearing the end of his useful shelf life and prone to turnovers to short circuit what they're building here.

That said, the Rams do have to make some decisions next season. Yes, it's make or break for Bradford, but the Rams have to be prepared for the possibility that Bradford doesn't take the next step.

They have two options, in my mind. First, bring in a top-flight backup in case of injury or struggles from the starter. The Rams should be in the thick of a playoff bid next season, and can't afford to risk it with such a long drought. A second option would be to bring in a project guy, a youngster to be groomed as a potential Bradford replacement. Ideally, that would be a mid-round draft pick or a young player lost in the shadows of an established quarterback.

The Rams are not likely to bring in Vick or another veteran to replace Bradford in 2013.