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Rams RB Steven Jackson says he will not retire

Steven Jackson plans to stick around in the NFL for another year at least, but will be playing for the Rams in 2013?

Kevin Casey

St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson put the retirement talk back in the bottle on Sunday after a Week 17 loss to the Seahawks. Jackson told the crowd of reporters assembled there that he plans on returning in 2013.

Earlier in the month, Jackson publicly mulled his future in the NFL following a team practice, noting the physical toll the game takes on a player as well as his desire to go out on his own terms. Apparently, Jackson feels he has at least one more good year in his legs. The question is whether or not that year will be spent with the St. Louis Rams.

Jackson and the team reworked his deal earlier in the year to give each side some flexibility. Jackson can now opt out, and the team can just as easily release him without being on the hook for his $7 million salary next year.

Right now, the Rams are projected to have about $10-12 million in cap space for 2013, and a $7 million deal for a 30-year old running back doesn't look like the best use of funds for a young team building.