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2013 NFL draft order: Rams land 16th pick, waiting on Washington for the other

The season is over for the St. Louis Rams. A 7-8-1 record was good enough for the 16th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.


The St. Louis Rams wrapped up the 2013 season with a valiant effort against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. St. Louis ultimately lost the game, narrowly at 20-13, to finish with a final record of 7-8-1. That's good enough to earn the Rams the 16th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

St. Louis has another pick coming, one acquired from trading the second overall pick to the Washington Redskins in the spring. Washington used the pick on quarterback sensation RGIII, and is playing Sunday night for a 10th win and bid to the playoffs.

Is Washington loses the game, they will end up with a pick in the 18-19 range. A Redskins win would mean the 21st pick or higher, depending on how far Washington goes into the postseason.

Having a pair of picks in that range gives the Rams some flexibility in the draft, to move around again or flip a pick for a player (unlikely).

A new mock draft from SB Nation drops Monday morning. I've had a sneak peak. It's interesting.