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Fans Agree, Rams Will Be Great Next Year

It was an improved season; It was better and more exciting than anybody thought prior to week one. It's great knowing the Rams have a bright future.

Otto Greule Jr

Thinking this season was "great" would be stretch of the word. The Rams didn't make the playoffs. Never, after any game during the season did anybody say this was a great team. A great future? Sure. Mr. Hooks worded it perfectly:

Expect an exciting, possibly heartbreaking offseason. The front office will make moves to improve the team, but favorite players may be lost in the action. What'll happen to Danny Amendola or Steven Jackson? One thing is for sure. We'll never see Craig Dahl miss a tackle again. Not in a Rams jersey, at least.



A happier GIF: Chris Long sack. Dance is a bonus.