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Almost There Again

This year has been a roller coaster ride for Rams fans, and this game was no different. This game looked like it would be a win for the Rams, but they fell just short.

Damn not again
Damn not again
Kevin Casey

The St. Louis Rams marched into Seattle, and just like in 2010 when the Rams had 7 wins hoping for an 8th, they lost. This game, which ended 13-20, had all the elements that the St. Louis Rams struggled and thrived with all season. There was a missed kick, penalty flags flying everywhere, the defense playing good and then letting up late,and the Rams offense not scoring 20 points again.

So just like the majority of this season, this game was a roller coaster.

The Rams defense held an explosive team to 20 points, sacking Russell Wilson 6 times, and they made life hard for him the majority of the game. Until Wilson decided to strike back, he started buying time in the backfield and making things happen, and even made key first downs running the ball himself.

Honestly, I lost count of how many penalties the Rams made after 12, but I know they finished with 98 penalty yards. Dealing with penalties will be preached at Rams Park during the off-season.

Also, just like in 2010, the Rams offense couldn't get anything going. Steven Jackson tried his best with 97 total yards, and hey, even Isaiah Pead finally made some plays. But those plays weren't enough to get the offense rolling, because - although Sam Bradford wasn't sacked this game - he was hurried most of the game.

Bradford did look solid tonight, but the Rams will need to look into the off-season to find some help for him. No receiver was consistent enough for him to lean on this season. This game will stick in Jeff Fisher's head whenever the Rams and another wide receiver is mentioned during the off-season.

This isn't the same ol Rams, but this isn't the 2010 version of the Rams either. This is Jeff Fishers' Rams. If the Rams improve over the off-season like they should, this team won't be playing for 8 wins, they will be playing for the playoffs.