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St. Louis Rams - Seattle Seahawks: Game Thread

Cold, humid, and unbelievably noisy - That's what's awaiting the St. Louis Rams in Seattle. The hottest team in the NFL right now, the Seahawks are riding high. They need a win and a 49ers loss to take the NFC West crown. Win or lose, they've made the playoff's as a wild card team.

Al Messerschmidt

There's something about the run up to this contest that smacks of a "trap game." The Rams haven't written this game off - not by a long shot. They worked hard in practice this week like it was the first week of the 2012 season, not the last. If the Seahawks take this game lightly, they could be in for a surprise.

I wouldn't be shocked if Seattle's head coach Pete Carroll sits a few starters after the first half, regardless of the score. Look for the Rams' Jeff Fisher to pull out all the stops in his quest to sweep the NFC West. The Rams' division record is 4-0-1.

Pete Carroll has some tough decisions to make. Do you keep starters in a game with little meaning if the 49ers look like they're going to beat the Arizona Cardinals? He'll have a peek or two at the league scores listed on the score board, and he'll have to weigh the risk to benefit ratio of having his key players on the field in a meaningless game. Carroll will also have to watch a Rams team that has been the most physical team they've had in more than a decade. Just how long do you play Marshawn Lynch, Sidney Rice or Russell Wilson with the playoffs starting next week?

This will be a VERY physical game. Also, keep a close eye on Steven Jackson's first few carries. He needs 10 yards to top 1000 yards for the 8th straight year.

In the 2012 finale for the Rams, their fans have a great deal to be both proud, and excited for the future. Enjoy the game.