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Jeff Fisher: 'We can go in and play with anybody'

The St. Louis Rams head coach is a man of few words, but what he does say has real meaning.


Jeff Fisher's press conferences are exercises in efficiency. Short and to the point, they are not the zero-calorie affairs presided over by Steve Spagnuolo. Of course, it helps when most of the people seated in the press room think Pulitzer is a Penn State linebacker. At any rate, when the St. Louis Rams mustachioed head coach speaks, we listen.

Fisher delivered another notable statement, this time to Yahoo's Mike Silver following Sunday's win over the 49ers.

"This young team believes we can go in and play with anybody."

Let that soak in a little bit. Granted, that statement looks a little shaky held up against that stretch from the Dolphins game through the tilt with the Jets, the lone exception being the tie in San Francisco. But things change.

The 49ers are the second-best team in the NFC. The Rams have not lost to them. In fact, the Rams are 4-0-1 in the NFC West with an outside shot at a playoff berth. That goes back to something Fisher said before the season even started, telling his team and fans that the Rams can compete in the NFC West, can win the division even. Once again, Fisher's few words look awfully prophetic right now.