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Rams shutout in Pro Bowl picks

The St. Louis Rams will not be sending a representative to Hawaii this year. Not yet anyway.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced its 2013 Pro Bowl rosters on Wednesday night. There were a few surprises, and even more of the expected names listed. There were not any players from the St. Louis Rams picked.

This is the second year in a row that the Rams were left out completely. Last year, 23 players picked did not play because of injuries or because their teams were in the Super Bowl. Still, the Rams were left off the alternates list too.

It's understandable when you consider the 2012 Rams roster. It was a pretty terrible bunch, save for Chris Long and a few others. Long was the biggest snub of the bunch. He's snubbed again this year. Ditto Robert Quinn. Those two appear to be the most egregious snubs from this year's Rams team.

At the other positions, well, it's hard to argue that Chicago's two cornerbacks don't belong on the list. However, if I were a Seahawks fan, I might be pissed since neither of those two corners made the list. Jo-Lonn Dunbar probably deserved some consideration, but the process tends to favor OLBs from 3-4 systems because they get the sacks.

On offense, I'm not really sure any player from the Rams had a convincing case. Oddly enough, Rob Turner, the backup center who played most of the year in place of Scott Wells, has the best case to be there since the roster includes Jeff Saturday who has since been benched by the Packers.

Quintin Mikell has the stats to there at strong safety over Donte Whitner.

The bottom line here is that St. Louis just doesn't have the fan base power to make its voice heard at the ballot box - since, you know, Pro Bowl voting is essential to our American democracy. That will change.