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Christmas Links!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us here at TurfShowTimes.

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Al Messerschmidt

Rams fans have a lot to be happy about lately. Enjoy your Holiday and hold those you love close.

Projected Draft Picks - As of now, the Rams are projected to have the 16th pick in the draft along with the Redskins pick, which is contingent on how deep their playoff run could be. I believe this draft doesn't have the top level talent, but rather has a depth of solid players.

Fisher Focused on Foe - The Tampa win was fun, but Jeff Fisher has already shifted his focus to division foe, the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have been destroying whoever they face and Jeff Fisher wants to end that streak.

The Difference Between Success and Progress - Brian Burwell of notes that the Rams are learning how to be successful. Winning 7 games thus far is progress, but it is not success according to Jeff Fisher. The Rams next game will be there last game, and that is not where successful teams end their season.

Rams Bucs Refocused - ProFootballFocus.Com graded out each team after the Rams win on Sunday. Josh Freeman gave the Rams a nice Christmas present, or should I say presents. Four of them to be exact. The Rams rookie corner duo both graded out in the positive. Out of 17 attempts targeted at Janoris Jenkins and Tru Johnson, only 7 were completed, and 2 were picked off.

Have a lovely blessed day!