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St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson Is Making History

Rams running back Steven Jackson is about to make history. The franchise’s leading rusher carved yet another notch in NFL history on Sunday, with his 81-yard performance in Tampa Bay. In doing so, Jackson passed Ricky Williams for 26th place on the league’s all-time leading rushers list. His next 30 feet will be far more important.


Steven Jackson is a mere 10-yard trot away from joining a very small group of running backs who have been able to rush for 1,000 yards in eight consecutive seasons. If you weren’t under the impression that Steven Jackson - who’s yet to have a Super Bowl appearance - wasn't cut from Hall of Fame cloth, think again. Jackson needs to rush only 360 more inches in order to join the company of Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Curtis Martin, Emmitt Smith, and LaDainian Tomlinson. Yeah...

Jackson has always been known for his punishing style of rushing. As a defender, you won’t need to worry about wrap-tackling a shifty, elusive style of running back. More so, you’ll need to ensure you stay awake for the duration of the collision, because he’s not running from you, but with the intention of barreling through you.

"I didn’t think about eight years, but I thought year-in and year-out, as long as I was a starter, I wanted to be a 1,000-yard rusher," Jackson says. He is the humblest of men; the hardest of workers, and the definition of a leader. The aforementioned quote is just one example of an NFL player simply trying to play his part in a team game, and for seven consecutive seasons he hasn’t let his team down.

The Rams will head to Seattle for their final game of the 2012 season. The Seahawks are a very good team, who - at this point - have a possibility of making the postseason. The Rams, however, do not. Regardless, you can rest assured that Coach Jeff Fisher - and his team - will be giving it their all on Sunday.

For Jackson - who’s made his stamp in the franchise’s record books - his next ten yards will be run with equal intensity as the first ten of his career. He has given - and will continue to give - his all. Regardless of his age…regardless of his bruising style of running…and with ill-regard to the circumstances, Rams fans know that he’s giving it maximum effort on every single down.

Let me be the first , at least on this post, to congratulate him for all that he’s accomplished. He’s an inspiration to his team, and it’s fans. The Rams have given him the opportunity to walk in 2013, and at this point it doesn’t appear that they have a viable option to fill his shoes. There are many running backs - both in free agency and the draft - as viable options. The difficult part will be replacing the leadership, personal accountability, and heart that he’s brought to the field since 2004.

Congratulations, Steven Jackson. You deserve to be mentioned with the elite. The things that you’ve done for the team, and the community, are nearly impossible to replicate. It’s been a pleasure watching you run for 10,000 yards.

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