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Key Plays: Rams beat Buccaneers 28-13

The Rams won today thanks to four interceptions from Josh Freemen and some timely defensive stops.

Al Messerschmidt

The Rams won 28-13 today and keep the hope of a winning season alive. The momentum in this game was surprisingly back and forth despite the final score, as the Rams were never able to take total control of the game.

The Buccaneers out gained the Rams 429 to 285 yards. Thanks to some key turning points that brought the Rams momentum, they were able to pull out the victory.

Q1 7:14: Tampa Bay has a false start that bring them back to the Rams 12 yard line. Sack on the next play. Forced to kick FG.

Q2 12:01: Janoris Jenkins intercepts Josh Freeman and returns it 41 yards for a touchdown because of some very fancy feet work to stay in bounds. Rams take lead 7-3 and never trail again in the game.

6:16: Josh Freeman throws deep into the endzone from Tampa's 31 for Vincent Jackson. The pass is incomplete as Jackson is unable to get a second foot in the endzone. This would have gave the Bucs the lead. Instead they settle for a FG on this drive. 7-6

3:38: Freeman throws an interception to James Laurnaitis from the Tampa 49, taking likely points and the lead, away from the Bucs.

0:38: Rams turn Laurnaitis' interception into 7 points and go into halftime leading 14-6.

Q3 15:00: 80 yard TD to Lance Kendricks. Danny Amendola blocked two people on this play to free Kendricks up and let him score. It was great. 21-6.


RIGHT AFTER THIS PLAY: Tony Softli creeps on cheerleaders.

14:05: Another Freeman interception by Trumaine Johnson. Looking bad for Tampa.

10:54: Austin Pettis touchdown. Rams have 3 touchdowns off three Freeman interceptions. 28-6.


9:06: Josh Freeman finds a wide open Mike Williams who does the rest for a 61 yard TD. Tampa has life. 28-13.


1:38: After the Bucs have a nice drive, they face a 4th and 1 at the Rams five. They try a quick QB sneak, but the Rams were ready. Turnover on downs.

Q4 12:15: 4th and goal for Tampa at the 7. They go for it. Checkdown to Doug Martin. Tackled short of the goal line. Tampa yet again passes up points. Still 28-13

2:34: After the teams traded a few possessions, the Bucs put together a nice drive. They face another forth down at their own 24 and again choose to go for it. Again they failed.

0:00: Rams win.

The Rams will play Seattle next week to try and secure their first winning season since 2003, and potentially ruin their rival's shot at the playoffs, if Seattle loses to the Niners tonight and other teams win their games. Needless to say, a lot left to play for.