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Rams Fans React to Plays, Win Against the Buccaneers

Rams fans react to a fine, fine win...


The day started a tad gloomy when many Rams fans missed their prime opportunity to score with Kate Upton.

We asked for some bold predictions, and fans didn't disappoint.

The game started out with the Bucs chewing up some serious time in the first quarter. No bueno.

The Rams defense didn't start hot. And neither did the offense.

Then the Rams went on some type of crazy turnover and scoring frenzy. Everybody started tweeting joyously.

Craig Dahl then wanted to join in on the fun. Kinda ruined the party. Did nothing to stop Mike Williams on a 61 touchdown.

Steven Jackson disappeared and the Rams then didn't do too much.

Other than the 4 interceptions by James Laurinaitis, Janoris Jenkins, and Tru Johnson, and Euegene Sims, the Rams allowed a shaky Josh Freeman to do some damage. Still, fans were exited to see the Rams capitalize on Freeman's mistakes.

There was the issue of offense wanting to sit and sit some more...

Nonetheless... VICTORY!!

Next week. Seattle. Who's ready to beat the Seahawks!?