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Jeff Fisher says Rams OC Brian Schottenheimer is 'ready' to be a head coach

Fisher gave his offensive coordinator an endorsement on Thursday, but the possibility of Brian Schottenheimer leaving is still hard to read.


The Fox broadcast crew floated Brian Schottenheimer's name during Sunday's game as a potential head coaching candidate after the season. Coaching rumors run rampant this time of year. Anything and everything you hear has to be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism. The St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator got an endorsement from his boss, Jeff Fisher, when asked about the possibility on Thursday afternoon.

"Well, first off I know Brian's ready," Fisher said. "He's ready to handle the job and he's capable. I think he'd do a great job at it. Certainly, he's been around the game for a long time. He's got a great pedigree and this is the time of the year when people start throwing names out there."

Fisher didn't exactly go out of his way to dispel the rumors. But what can he really say?

Schottenheimer himself waved off the talk of a head coaching job, having been through it before. He didn't rule it out either.

"I've dealt with that before being in New York," Schottenheimer said of the coaching rumors. "I think it's flattering, but at the end of the day I think I have a great job. I think I work for a great organization. I know I work with the best head coach in the National Football League in Coach Fisher. Got a really young football team that's building something special and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Like I said, it's flattering, but we've still got some games to play. I'm thrilled to be here and hope to be here for a long time."

If Schottenheimer did leave, Fisher made it clear that the offensive system his coordinator built would not change.

"The system will not change," Fisher reiterated. "The system will stay the same."

Would that mean promoting from within, tabbing someone like quarterbacks coach Frank Cignetti to run the offense? Or, could the Rams bring someone in with similar offensive roots that could run the system? Fisher's insistence that the offense not change makes it sound like an internal candidate woud be the best fit.

Hue Jackson was one candidate last January for the Rams offensive coordinator position. Norv Turner, who is likely out of job in San Diego come Dec. 31, is an interesting possibility. Recently fired Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron runs a similar system and could also get some looks.

There could be plenty of coaching turnover after this season. As many as ten teams could all be dumping their head coaches after the season. A few of those franchises will chase the big fish, the others will go the up-and-coming coordinator route. Schottey's offense in St. Louis hasn't been spectacular, but the Jets' collapse this year has made him look like something of a miracle worker.