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Tony Softli Mad Libs

Let's take a shot at improving the handiwork of our favorite local "insider."

It's Thursday night, and there's not a snap of football to be found. Face it, you never really watched those Thursday night games on the NFL Network, not from start to finish at least, because they were almost always total dog shit affairs. Except for the Rams' nine-sack beat down of the Cardinals. So what are you going to do with your Thursday night free time?

I know what we can do ... Mad Libs, Tony Softli style!

Below is the opening paragraph from his most recent "blog" at 101 ESPN. Have fun with it in the comments!

In my Monday __, I wrote the Rams were ___ from the ___ race, and for all intents and purposes, they did eliminate ___ with last week's loss to the Vikings. It's all over when the fat lady ___ and she is ___. Mathematically, the St. Louis Rams remain in ___. They no longer control their own ___ and need a lot of crazy wacky ___ to happen to keep them ___.