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Which NFL Coach Gives a Team the Edge in the Playoffs?

Which coach would you be the most comfortable with leading your team to the playoffs, and why? Gillette's "No Debate" page is asking you to pick the one coach of your dreams if your favorite team made the post season. So who would it be?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This is an interesting question. Fans support their team's coach, but in the back of their minds they have a wish list. Admit it, even though Bill Belichick has a rough association with the rules, he's arguably one of the best NFL coaches ever. The Rams' Jeff Fisher has a solid track record, and gets the most out of his players. On the flip side, you have coaches like Mike Smith of Atlanta and Gary Kubiak for Houston just can't seem to win in the post season no matter how good their teams may be.

Then their are the Harbaugh brothers, who may be the most successful sibling coaches in NFL history. Add in the smattering of coordinators turned head coaches, and you get an interesting mix of football philosophies at the very least. But which coach would you want running your team in the playoff? Tom Coughlin has to be one of the best ever as the season winds down. He somehow has found a way to take a seemingly floundering Giants teams through the playoff to win Super Bowls.

The amount of truly talented coaches in the NFL is kind of staggering. There's little doubt that quite a few coaches will get the axe at the end of the 2012 season. Andy Reid heads a list of coaches on the way out for some very high profile teams. Rumors are flying around at Twitter-esk speeds that along with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and New York Jets will be shopping for new head coaches. There are at least five other coaches on the hot seat too (see: Tennessee, Oakland, Kansas City, Chicago and Jacksonville).

So which coach would you choose if to guide your team through the playoffs. To make the choice a bit more interesting, you can choose the coach who currently runs your favorite team right now. So no Jeff Fisher choices! The best choice - and the beyond eloquent explanation for their choice - wins a James Laurinaitis Bobble Head and a couple Jeff Fisher mustaches too.