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Random Ramsdom 12/20/12: St. Louis Rams v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview and More

Good Thursday morning, St. Louis Rams fans! I hope it finds you well. This Thursday feels a bit different. The loss to Minnesota Vikings still stings a bit, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - who have an extremely dangerous offense - await the Rams, who still have plenty to play for this season. The Rams dropped a must-win last Sunday. It’s not all candy canes and peppermint bark in Tampa either...

J. Meric


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers not only got blown out by the New Orleans Saints last Sunday, 41-0, but they’re also the proud owners of a four-game losing streak. Last game, in particular, not only stung because of the punishing loss, it also allowed the Saints to pass them in the NFC South standings, and has put them in a similar situation to the Rams. The losing for the Bucs is also accompanied by some unwanted extracurricular activity. While backup RB LaGarrette Blount has calmed his fists of fury on the sidelines, the Bucs have players shoving coaches on national TV , and there appears to be mutiny on this pirate ship .

A second straight loss, to a still dangerous team would hurt for Rams fans. Not only can the Bucs not find ways to win - despite their level of talent - but it would appear that they’re essentially imploding. For the Rams, a loss this Sunday would feel like this!

In Rams News

Rams Not Calling It Quits

It’s rather painful reading quotes from Steven Jackson about how the Rams will miss yet another postseason. True to form, though, he wants to show his team ‘how to finish strong.’ There’s a lot on the line for him as far as NFL history is concerned. Somehow, I think that’s an afterthought for him...

The Rams Checklist For Week 16 and 17

Is the theme of the remainder of the season the Mike Shanahan special: ‘evaluating future talent?’ Should it be? To an extent, I suppose the answer is yes. But this isn’t the preseason, and there’s still a lot on the line for the Rams, and their starters. It goes without saying the product that the Rams fielded in 2012 was far superior to years past. Winning is still the goal, but some of the ‘youth movement’ probably need to get more involved at this point.

Rams At Buccaneers: A VIDEO Preview From Bleacher Report

Yes, it’s yet another week of checking in with Bleacher Report on their preview of a Rams game. The results of the video ‘expertise’ have gone in the Rams' favor over the past few weeks. I suppose that’s what happens when you start winning consistently. But how would they fair after a rather convincing loss to the Vikings?

I threw this link up last night on Doug’s Quick Five post, but if you missed it….check out the 2min 54 second mark. Just hit ‘pause’ and scratch your head.

Let’s take a gander at a few 2013 mock drafts. As the season winds down, it’s inevitable the mocks multiply like magwai’s takin’ a dip in the pool, or stopping by Taco Bell for 4th meal. They’ll all look different, but in one way or another, they’ll address a concern that you’re already aware of. Which do you prefer?

* Walter Football * Bleacher Report * Draft Countdown * CBS Sports * NFL Draft Geek

Rams vs. Bucs: The Look Ahead

This article has your preview, what to watch for, and some good player/team comparison charts. The most interesting thing about the read though, is how the last matchup between the two teams. Disgustingly, it sounds a lot like Week 1 of the 2012 season….except the Rams were scored on by a soon-to-be Ram.

Steven Jackson And The Hall of Fame

Bernie Milkasz weighs in on the many, many, many accomplishments throughout Steven’s tremendous NFL career. He’s the Rams all-time leading rusher, he just passed the 10,000 yard mark, and he’s creepin’ up on another little number that puts him in elite - and scarce - company: The eight straight club. Is it enough? Are all of his accomplishments enough to keep him in a Rams uni in 2013?

In Sporting News…

What?!?! No Thursday game? ...Sad face

The Immaculate Reception: Sneak Peek

If you missed it last night on NFL Network, their newest installment of "A Football Life" centered around the immaculate reception, take a gander at this short clip from the show. That play is still one of - if not the - most controversial in NFL history. I was 10 years from conception at that point, so I don’t recollect seeing it. What are your thoughts? John Madden doesn’t care for the call.

Titans Plan On Locking Down Chris Johnson For 2013 and Beyond

Sorry Rams fans. Or at least sorry to those of you who saw this as a potential free agent acquisition for your St. Louis Rams in 2013. At this point, there’s still no telling whether or not Steven Jackson will be wearing a Rams uni in 2013, even though he’s publicly stated that he’d like to finish his career here. With CJ2K off the board, are there other free agent options you’d be interested in? Draft? Sign him and stand pat?

The Final Two Weeks Of The 2012 Regular Season & The MVP Race

It appears that the race for the MVP has been narrowed down to three NFL superstars: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Adrian Peterson. Tough call! Seeing how Peyton has been able to quiet critics with a brand new robot neck, and what AD can do with a brand new knee is pretty impeccable. Tom Brady…well… that dude’s life is awesome and the word ‘problem’ would probably confuse him. Does the ‘comeback’ aspect of the first two players weigh into the decision? Does Tom’s continued dissection of just about every opponent prove his dominance? Would breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record be enough for a running back to take home the hardware?

You Had a Good Run, Mark Sanchez

Ok, well not really, but it looks like your stay in New York is probably over. Additionally, you probably won’t be leaving alone. Which one of you gents wants the starting gig in Jacksonville more? Oh, and hey Brian Schottenheimer…turn your phone off.

NFL Playoff Predictions

Falcons Clinch the top seed, while the 49ers lock down the west and also get a bye in the first week of the playoffs. The Packers are already in for the NFC North, and the East is…well…still up in the air. It’s a prediction, though. Someone’s got to win it. Are the defending Super Bowl Champions going to miss the playoffs?

Plain ‘Ol Random…

Want To Hear Some of The Greatest Songs of All-Time Hand Farted?

Of course you do! Ever had too much time on your hands? Ever had too much fart on your hands? Well, if you’ve got no friends and a whole lot of stinkin’ time on your hands, why not make the most of it? Put your hands together for this young fella.

The Best Drunk Santas

How dare him?!? I’ve missed out on many a desired Christmas gift as a result of making the ’naughty’ list…at least that’s what Ma tells me. But this list of the best drunk Santas is disturbing. Actually, it’s awesome. I made it to #4, LOL’d, and snagged the link. Enjoy the rest!

Name Your Son a Girly-Name: Just ask the parents of 32-year old Ashley Cole and 36-year old Aubrey Huff, both of whom share December 20th as their birthday. In their respective years of birth, their parents held them close, looked them in their still-closed eyes and said "Yea…it’s a girly name for you, son."

One way to ensure that you never get picked on is to be really good at stuff. In this case, Ashley just so happens to play on Chelsea in the Premier League, and also was the best football [soccer] player in all of England in 2010. Aubrey, on the other hand, just finished his 12th year in MLB, and has won two World Series in the past three years. Neither are hurtin’ for cash.

So, ladies and gents, if you find yourself reading this Random Ramsdom before, during, or after giving birth to the newest little boy in your family, feel free to name him Allison. What’s the worst that could happen?

As always, thanks for stopping by this AM for your morning read! Turf Show Times should always be your first stop for relevant Rams news. The next time I keep it Random will be after your visit from Santa. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! Also, follow me on Twitter or I’ll follow you in real life.