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Rams win in most unimaginable, unmistakable fashion, 16-13

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The Rams did nearly everything they could to not win today against the 49ers at home. And yet they did.


54 yards on 24 rushes, at a 2.25 yards per rate.

Just over 220 passing yards at just less than 40 throws.

Eight penalties.


Routes underneath the first down marker.


10 yards plus of cushion on Niners WRs on the line.

The Rams made us suffer through all of this...and won.

It's a bit surreal what we just experienced, given how things shook out just three weeks ago. And yet it was a perfect encapsulation of what makes the 2012 Rams so fun at times. A very talented defense that keeps the Rams in games. Flashes of talent on offense that give Rams fans enough hope most weeks. Special teams units that can bang field goals from ridiculous distances and drop punts out of bounds at the 1-yard line at the same time they're shanking punts and missing crucial field goals. Long spells of unwatchable offense. Questionable game management and playcalling butted up against brilliant play that directly stems from the practice field.

The Rams are young and collectively inexperienced. That means huge swings in the quality of play, going from a tie in San Francisco to a loss at home to the hapless Jets to a relatively dominating performance in Phoenix.

Today, none of it matters. The Rams played two games against the San Francisco 49ers in 2012 and lost neither of them.

The future looks good. Real good.