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Rams vs. Niners: Second Half Game Thread

The Rams trail the Niners by a touchdown after a pitiful first half from the offense. Can they get something going and put any points on the board in the second half?


Well, this is a team of two distinct units if there was any confusion on that point.

The defense has done a fine job. Colin Kaepernick has been limited to playing a game that Pat Shurmur would love, going 10/15 for just 75 yards. Frank Gore, no slouch in ground game, has run the ball 10 times for just 40 yards. Outside of a 23 yard scamper, that's 9 runs for 17 yards, less than 2 per carry. Fine work, indeed.

On offense, it's been (insert negative adjective here - still probably an understatement). Without being at the game or watching from an all-22 camera angle, it's impossible to know what the WRs are giving Sam. Some questionable playcalling certainly didn't do the Rams any favors. Not sure on what page of the playbook a deep pass on 3rd and 1 is, but that page needs to be torn out, burned, and have the ashes scattered at sea.

It's not all lost, though. The score's still 7-0, and a touchdown in any facet (offense, defense, special teams) makes this look like a very, very, very different game. There's no escaping the fact that the Niners defense is stiff and their O-line can punish. The Rams have to dig deep and find a way to move the ball this half if they're going to have a chance.

Here's hoping they do.