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Rams vs. 49ers: Throwbacks!

The Rams are putting on the throwback jerseys for this week's game.

The St. Louis Rams are 75-years old. While that might be over the hill for a defensive back, it's a franchise in the spring of its youth, so to speak. What better way to celebrate than pull out the old school throwback jerseys?

Playing the 49ers is especially perfect since the bad blood between these two teams goes way, way back. In recent years, the rivalry has been a little flat. Two weeks ago it took a new turn for the better when the Rams, underdogs by two touchdowns, fought the 49ers to a stalemate after five quarters of play. Today it's all about taking care of some unfinished business.

The Rams are pulling out all the stops at today's game, honoring players from the team's past, and not just the Greatest Show on Turf days either. It's a big chance from where the Rams used to be. Then again, the record may not show it, but things have changed significantly for the Rams this year.

Throwback jerseys used to feel like just another marketing pitch. This week they feel like something more, a sign that greatness is returning to the Rams ... and it's about time.

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