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2013 NFL Draft: Keenan Allen scouting report

Would the Cal wide receiver be a fit for the St. Louis Rams?


Keenan Allen announced his plans to enter the 2013 NFL Draft earlier this month, to the surprise of no one. He is widely regarded as the top receiver in the draft, though he lacks the same kind of blue chip bona fides around other recent picks like A.J. Green and Julio Jones. The real question for St. Louis is whether or not he'd be a fit with the Rams.

Mocking the Draft released its scouting report on Allen, and the pros and cons are certainly worth a read.

Allen is big, physical and athletic. He very much looks like what you would expect a 6-foot-3, 210-pound receiver to look like. I'll leave you to read the nuts and bolts from MtD about Allen's pros and cons. Worth nothing here is this comparison they make:

Pro comparison: Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys - Both Dez Bryant and Keenan Allen aren't true burners down the field but have excellent athleticism and are very physical wideouts. Allen also has some of the same issues with drops, though he hasn't shown any of the immaturity Bryant has early in his career.

Our own 3k put Allen on top of his wide receiver big board last week. But the real action was in the comments, where he hit on the issue of whether or not Allen's a fit with the Rams:

In terms of what I think they "should" do, it's tough. In terms of WR style, I think they need a guy who can work 10-25 yards downfield with more consistency than what we've seen from Brandon Gibson or Austin Pettis. The question is whether the staff & FO feel Brian Quick can be that guy moving forward. If not, then it would certainly make sense to take one of those kinds of guys, Allen, Hunter, Woods, Rogers all being legit 1st round options for us.

A big question is Danny Amendola's fragility. The Rams are going to have to find a backup clause for Amendola or, sadly, find a long-term replacement that's more dependable over the course of a season. Tavon Austin would certainly fit that role. I wouldn't be upset with Markus Wheaton either.

I suspect we'll be discussing this issue more in the months ahead.