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Random Ramsdom: The Terrible Tuesdays

After the Rams loss on Sunday it will take a mircale for them to get into the playoffs. What a crappy feeling.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams are an improving team, but there are plenty of holes to fill. If you ask five Rams fans to list the top needs in order, you would likely get five different answers. The Rams can improve at RT, G, SS, FS, OLB, WR, and TE, and I'm probably missing one or two. It is likely that the Rams will start eight or more first and second year players next year. The good news is the Rams had a good haul last draft and have the picks to succeed in the upcoming draft. The bad news is the NFC West is TOUGH. On to the links.

What draft selections would solve the Rams woes? - According to Brian Leigh of The Bleacher Report, the Rams should select Tennessee wideout, Cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson may have the highest ceiling of all the wideouts in this years draft. He has top end speed and great overall athleticism. Leigh also believe the Rams help out their woeful offensive line by selecting Jonathan Cooper out of North Carolina.

Mysteries surrounding Sunday's game - Why didn't Steven Jackson get more touches? Why do the Rams always start slow? Why do the Rams play so well against the NFC West, but not against opponents outside of the division? Blake Williams is in a position of power. Wait....who? Brian Quick showed off his ability on Sunday, but what has kept him from making a larger impact?

Silver linings - The Rams suffered heartbreak Sunday, but there are still some positives to take away. The Rams capitalized on three of four red zone trips among other positives.

Charlie Campbell's Mock - Charlie Campbell of put out an interesting mock on Friday. Campbell mocked Barkevious Mingo to the Rams. Huh? A 3-4 OLB to the Rams? Apparently Campbell sees Mingo as a versatile, Von Milleresque, option for 4-3 teams. Check it out to see who he has the Rams picking with their second first.

Chris Johnson a Ram? - There have been rumblings that the Titans could part ways with Chris Johnson at the end of the year due to his monstrous deal. If that were to happen would Jeff Fisher take a shot at reuniting with his boom or bust back?

After the loss Sunday, the Rams must find ways to improve the team. This team was void of talent when Jeff Fisher took over, and he has added some, but must find more.