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Ever gracious Everson Griffen thanks Sam Bradford for the pick six

The Vikings defensive lineman scored one for fat guys today, and he owed it all to the Rams quarterback.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams were no match for the Minnesota Vikings this week, despite some late life from the home team. Adrian Peterson wasn't the only one to get in on the scoring production for the Vikings either. Sam Bradford threw a perfect pass in the second quarter over the middle to ... Everson Griffen.

The Minnesota defensive lineman thanked the Rams quarterback for the pick six.

Griffen kind of has a point. Take a look at the play again. Bradford has a clean pocket when he makes the throw, a quick strike to someone who is obviously supposed to be in the middle of the field waiting for the ball, someone besides Griffen obviously.

It looks like the ball is supposed to go to Givens. Bradford doesn't see the defensive end drop back in coverage and throws it right into his hands. Given the placement of the Vikings on this one, you have to wonder if they didn't have this as a set play?

Either way, it just one of the many mistakes that sunk the Rams today.