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Ram-Vikings Game Thread - My 500th Article too!

I think there's a game of some kind today in St. Louis? It'll have something to do with football, horns, and Viking hoards... Another NFL Sunday is here, filled with winning streaks and tailgating freaks. There'll be cheerleaders galore, and cheers for more. It's Week #15 of the 2012 NFL season, made a bit more special for me since this article marks a personal milestone. You see, this is my 500th Turf Show Times article. Huzzah! Champagne for everyone - on Ryan of course - and bring me the finest Cheetos in all the land!


The game today between the Rams and Petersons Vikings will be a tough one. St. Louis has turned around a porous run defense since last season. They'll be challenged by a would be usurper to Eric Dickerson's rushing record - Adrian Peterson. Don't discount an underrated Vikings defense today. They're getting a couple of key players back from injury, and will be a force Sam Bradford will have to deal with in what looks to be a very physical match up.

Steven Jackson will be psyched up with the thought of one of the NFL's best running backs coming onto his turf in the Edward Jones Dome. Which one of the future Hall of Fame running backs will seize the day?

The Rams may have Danny Amendola back, but how much he'll actually play is another thing all together. Earlier this week Jeff Fisher implied Danny needs to 100% healthy to be effective and able to protect himself. James Laurinaitis is being bothered by a sore back, and Janoris Jenkins recovering from an illness. To stop AP today the Rams defense will need to be race ready. In one of the few games fans cheer Craig Dahl being in the line up after suffering a concussion last week, he'll play a crucial role in stopping the Vikings run game.

So here's to a great game, and I want to thank everyone here at Turf Show Times for reading ( or tolerating?) the hundreds of thousands of words Ryan has allowed me to write for the greatest Rams community of all time. This is a great writing staff and it continues awe me each and every week.

Match-up History Courtesy of


RS: Vikings lead series, 18-14-2

PS: Vikings lead series, 5-2

1961—Rams, 31-17 (LA)

Vikings, 42-21 (M)

1962—Vikings, 38-14 (LA)

Tie, 24-24 (M)

1963—Rams, 27-24 (LA)

Vikings, 21-13 (M)

1964—Rams, 22-13 (LA)

Vikings, 34-13 (M)

1965—Vikings, 38-35 (LA)

Vikings, 24-13 (M)

1966—Vikings, 35-7 (M)

Rams, 21-6 (LA)

1967—Rams, 39-3 (LA)

1968—Rams, 31-3 (M)

1969—Vikings, 20-13 (LA)

**Vikings, 23-20 (M)

1970—Vikings, 13-3 (M)

1972—Vikings, 45-41 (LA)

1973—Vikings, 10-9 (M)

1974—Rams, 20-17 (LA)

***Vikings, 14-10 (M)

1976—Tie, 10-10 (M) OT

***Vikings, 24-13 (M)

1977—Rams, 35-3 (LA)

****Vikings, 14-7 (LA)

1978—Rams, 34-17 (M)

****Rams, 34-10 (LA)

1979—Rams, 27-21 (LA) OT

1985—Rams, 13-10 (LA)

1987—Vikings, 21-16 (LA)

1988—*****Vikings, 28-17 (M)

1989—Vikings, 23-21 (M) OT

1991—Vikings, 20-14 (M)

1992—Vikings, 31-17 (LA)

1998—Vikings, 38-31 (StL)

1999—****Rams, 49-37 (StL)

2000—Rams, 40-29 (StL)

2003—Rams, 48-17 (StL)

2005—Vikings, 27-13 (M)

2006—Rams, 41-21 (M)

2009—Vikings, 38-10 (StL)

(RS Pts.—Rams 767, Vikings 753)

(PS Pts.—Rams 150, Vikings 150)

*Franchise in Los Angeles prior to 1995

**Conference Championship

***NFC Championship

****NFC Divisional Playoff

*****NFC First-Round Playoff