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The Rams Welcome Adrian Peterson Into the Land of Running Back Greats

There's little doubt Adrian Peterson is one of the best running backs in NFL history. The Rams have had a few great running backs in their time, and when AP steps on the field this Sunday in the Edward Jones Dome he won't be the only outstanding runner on the field...

Rick Stewart

The current talk about Peterson having what it takes to break Eric Dickerson's NFL rushing record may be valid. He's not only a fantastic running back, but a medical miracle to boot. Peterson will get his yards, but watch out for the Rams Steven Jackson. We're in for a treat this Sunday. There will be two amazing running backs squaring off, both with their eyes on winning the game more than the record books. Jackson and Peterson will hold center stage.

AP needs 506 yards to break Eric Dickerson's record. He'll have tough going to according Dickerson, who points out how how ugly things got as he approached the record held by O.J. Simpson.

I can't think of a better time to remind Rams fans of the storied history the franchise has at the running back position. I won't dig too deep into the past, but I think the three in this video should get my point across nicely...