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Inside scoop! Rams run defense is pretty good

We've got a big scoop for your Friday: Michael Brockers is pretty good and the Rams run defense is much better.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Man, I love a hot inside scoop. Dish! Gossip! Rumors! Pro Football Weekly has a hot one for scandal-hungry Rams fans. It's about rookie defensive tackle Michael Brockers. Are you ready for this?

Quote PFW's "insider" with the hot dish on the Rams' rookie:

"It took him a while to get over the injury, but he really has come on. It's not just his run defense, but also his inside push. He's getting more confidence. And of course, he was very strong to begin with."

A rookie defensive lineman from LSU getting better? Stop the presses. Get 101ESPN on the immediately so they can get Softli's take and fire up some "I'm just sayin'" controversy on the Fast Lane.

I actually had to go back and look at the transcripts from this week's press conferences at Rams Park. Jeff Fisher sair pretty much the same thing, but PFW actually included the coach's quote with an attribute.

Kidding aside, Brockers' play has been a big part of the team's defensive improvement, adding some strength to the middle of the defensive line. It was no fluke that the red shirt sophomore from LSU got a first-round grade from the draft advisory board, despite a limited amount of tape from this college career.

Assistant head coach Dave McGinnis echoed the "insider" but quickly noted that Brockers had a long way to go still.

"The high ankle sprain that he had early on, clearly, he was coming and that sets any athlete back in this league. You can see that just the fact that he's been out there, he's developing a chemistry with the other guys on the defensive line. He and (Defensive Line) Coach (Mike) Waufle and (Assistant Defensive Line Coach) Clyde Simmons working together, you can just see him coming.

"He's a young player and there's a lot to learn about playing any position in this league, and especially down there. You could not ask for a guy with a better attitude and a better want-to to really get better in this league. ‘Brock' is continuing to develop, just like this defense is. He's still a work in progress, we are still a work in progress."

Brockers' strength made him a natural in run-stopping from the beginning. The Rams defensive line is allowing just 3.57 adjusted line yards this season, according to Football Outsiders. That's the second-best mark in the league right now. In the middle of the line, the center/guard holes, the Rams own an NFL-best 3.05 adjusted line yards.

It's a long way from the days when the Rams defense was barely an obstacle for the league's second and third string running backs. And just think, Dave McGinnis assures us it's going to get even better. That's something to look forward to.