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Rams' Danny Amendola - Difference Maker

We've all heard Danny Amendola be called Sam Bradford's "blankey." Well Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder has a "blankey" of his own, Percy Harvin.


Both the St. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford and the Minnesota Vikings' Christian Ponder struggle when missing their #1 wide receivers. Danny Amendola and Percy Harvin each receive a much higher rate of targets than anyone else on their teams.

Percy Harvin was targeted 85 times in 9 games before he got hurt. Harvin caught 62 of those targets for 677 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Danny Amendola, in contrast, has been targeted 73 times in 8 games. Amendola caught 51 of those targets for 576 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Since losing Percy Harvin to a sprained ankle, Christian Ponder has failed to eclipse 230 yards in the air. He has only thrown for more than 1 touchdown in a game once since losing his stud wide-out. Four out of Ponder's five games without Harvin, his QB Rating has been under 60. Needless to say, Ponder misses Percy Harvin.

Sam Bradford's story is somewhat similar. Without Danny, Sam has had games of 315yds, 255yds, 205yds, 221yds, and 209yds. While Sam has had more success through the air without his star than Ponder, the wins and losses haven't reflected that. In those 5 games without Danny, the Rams went 2-3.

Each of these teams struggle without their quarterback's favorite target. Harvin is out for the remainder of the year with a sprained ankle. Amendola's return Sunday is questionable. The difference in the game may very well be whether or not Danny Amendola can lace up and be effective.