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Steven Jackson wants to stay in St. Louis

The veteran running back told fans on Thursday that he would like to stick around with the team that drafted him.


Steven Jackson has every right to want out of St. Louis. Since being drafted in 2004, SJ39 has toiled for a losing team that squandered his incredible performances for a handful of fans that bothered to stand on four pillars and watch it all happen again and again.

And still Jackson's loyal to the only franchise he's ever known.

Jackson's a class act. The issue in 2013 is whether or not the Rams will keep him around.

The team has snaps waiting for second-round pick Isaiah Pead, snaps that he can share with Daryl Richardson. Rookie Terrance Ganaway hasn't seen much, if any, time either as a power back-type.

The running back has a reworked contract that he can void after the season. It's a deal with a graceful exit for both Jackson and the Rams, who probably aren't going to pay him $7 million in his age 30 season. If he wants to stick around with the Rams, he'll have to work out a new deal at a radically discounted price.