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Adrian Peterson injury: Vikings RB misses practice

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The Minnesota Vikings' star running back sat out again on Thursday. Will he play this week in St. Louis?


Adrian Peterson sat out Thursday's practice with the Minnesota Vikings. It was the second day in a row that Peterson sat out after suffering a minor abdominal injury against the Bears last week. Nevertheless, he is expected to return on Friday as this is more of the Vikings managing his reps as he pushes for the record books and the Vikings push for the postseason.

The Rams have a couple injury concerns of their own, injuries that could directly impact how the Rams defend against Peterson, who ran for 170 and a pair of touchdowns against the Bears last week. James Laurinaitis and Cortland Finnegan both missed practice for the second day in a row on Thursday.

Finnegan is dealing with an ankle injury, and Laurinaitis' back is hurting him. Hopefully, this is just a chance for the veterans to save some late season wear and tear as the Rams look for a fourth consecutive win.