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Somebody's Winning A James Laurinaitis Bobble Head!

I was honored when Doug reached out to me to select the Finalists/Winner of the "Who’s Your Favorite Rams Player" competition. I thought to myself "Wow, he must really trust me to make the right decision." Wrong! He saw that there were 130+ submissions and decided he’d pawn it off on some gullible schmuck. My wife must have mentioned to him the time, uh...Never mind!

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

At any rate, it was my pleasure perusing through the list of comments, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories of how your entry became your favorite Rams player. The great part about it is that there were no wrong answers. A top-10 post, which just missed the final ’short list’ was ramswo85’s entry about Austin Pettis being his favorite player. A player that he cheered on in Boise St., and was fortunate enough to be drafted by the Rams. Other, more horrible entries, were those written by myself and RAMpage28. Our pick? Long Snapper Jake McQuaide….

As you could imagine, it wasn’t easy narrowing it down to a mere few, but I narrowed it down to 10 and went from there. Some things that I took into consideration when making the final selections were the uniqueness of a personal story or attachment to the player, and what it is about the player [and the person] that has them atop your list of favorite Rams. I guess, in short, it’s easy for a player to be your favorite because he’s the ‘best’ or most popular, but was that the lone reason? I tried to narrow it down to five, but thought that all SIX of these were worth a re-read. Great posts by some great Rams fans.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed reading your comments...

Definitely JL55

As kind of an Ohio State fan I watched James play college ball and when his draft year came up I desperately wanted him. The second round started and the Rams were on the clock, I wanted JL but draft analysts had Rey Maulaga ranked higher. I literally prayed for James and the Rams made him the pick. I was stoked. Nothing better than your favorite college player being drafted by your favorite team.

Steven "f@#@ it, I'll win by myself" Jackson

He's THE prototypical football player. Huge, Bruising, but also smart and able to break tackles. He can pound it between the tackles, he can bounce it out side, he can make a catch out of the back field, he can make one handed grabs while playing with a broken finger. He is also just an incredible leader. I’m young but he’s the only Ram I’ve seen who can single handedly will the worst of the rams teams to a victory. Add that to his awesome personality and character off the field and everything he does for St. Louis and this one is a no-brainer to me.

Danny Amendola

He brought me to the Rams. As a foreign NFL fan (Ireland) I only started following the NFL in 2010. First match I saw was Rams vs Buccaneers where we lost in the final minutes but I remember being amazed by some of the catch and runs he had. That’s when I chose the Rams. Since then he’s only improved and he’s impressed me enough to have his name on the back of my Rams jersey ;)

For me it has to be Cortland Finnegan

Alot of people consider Cort as a dirty player but to me he’s jus a competive football player. A straight out Baller! Dude is a beast in the backfield and he’s improved our secondary a lot! His play speaks for itself but what really sets him apart from the rest is his charity work. He has a big heart, he’s not the bad guy that the media portrays him as. I forgot the girls name but he became really good friends with a volleyball player who got cancer and even named his daughter after her cuz he admired the girls strength and courage.. Dude is the man off and on the field

Welcome to Cornoris Island, home of Legzilla. The monster who terrorizes whiners, chickens and cards..

Chris Long

No one deserves the award based on loyalty and appreciation for hard work and dedication to the principle of team like Steven Jackson. But as an unabashed forward looking pragmatist, I will have to say Long is my favorite.

He came in with high expectations, and a considerable amount of doubt from many…myself included. But each year he has worked hard enough, and was blessed with the right amount of skills to be our most consistent difference maker on the field — week in and week out. Even when he is not making sacks, he is hitting the trenches and weakening entire offensive lines. He has been among the lead league in QB hurries hands down for the past few years. He has gotten better each year. He has made everyone on that defensive line better. He has been an incredibly good influence on Quinn and Brockers. He will continue to bring it EVERY game. No matter if he’s got the stats to prove it – his effort does.

And what separates him from the pack for me, is, I know I will be tuning in to see him giving his all, every play, with production matching his effort (errm…dahl) for at least the next five years. There is no one else in blue and yellow that I can confidently say that about.

Harvey Dahl

The Rams still need help at the line, but they’ve done well with what are mostly castoffs from other teams. In fact, given that these guys are all scrubs no one else wanted, they’ve done really well.

But it’s still a far cry from the days when the Rams had multiple Pro-bowlers on the line like Irv Pankey, Tom Newberry, Dennis Harrah, Doug Smith, and some hack named Jackie Slater.

Others posting here have noted Steven Jackson for his passion and loyalty, and they’re right. SJ would normally have been my first, but Dahl also carries that passion for the game and is one of the better guys on the line. I wanted to give an offensive lineman some credit, so Dahl is my pick.

And without further ado…..the winner is...RamsFanBaby!! Your prayers are being answered again. A James Laurinaitis bobble head will be yours very soon.

Congratulations!! Thanks again to everyone for stopping by to share your thoughts.