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Random Ramsdom 12/13/12: Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams Preview and More

Good Thursday morning Rams fans! I hope it finds you well. For the past three weeks, the level of excitement surrounding the Rams has continued to grow. It could be the winning. I haven’t figured it out yet. The Rams finally got back-to-back-to-back wins for the first time since 2006 when they beat the Bills last Sunday. A four game win-streak? That dates all the way back to 2003. Can they do it again this Sunday against the Vikings? Never count them out….Brandon Gibson said so.



In Rams News

Clark Judge Just Makes Too Much Damn Sense

You’ve heard it before. I know you have. "The Rams made a mistake not drafting RG3." Well, there are probably some of you out there who still believe that. Fair enough. To each his own. Remember, though, that one of - if not the - main reasons Jeff Fisher chose St. Louis was because of Sam Bradford. Clark Judge tells you why not staying put at the two-spot is paying off for the Rams.

Is The Defense The Vikings Key To Success On Sunday?

Everyone knows that MVPeterson is going to be handed the rock early and often this weekend. They clearly won’t resort to the passing game to try and secure a victory. The Vikings passing game is bad….REALLY bad. And though stopping…err…limiting Adrian Peterson is never going to be easy, they’ll need a spark from their defense in order to win in St. Louis.

Vikings at Rams: A VIDEO PREVEIW From Bleacher Report

I’m not sure who this Garda fella is, but be prepared to dislike him strongly after watching this preview. The normal three-pack of BR analysts weigh in on the results of the game. I’ll let Garda tell you how ‘The Rams season is over,’ and ‘Adrian Peterson is going to run all over the Rams.’ His other more knowledgeable studio companions pick the Rams to win though, so Garda (very Hobbit looking if you ask me) is oh so BR wrong...

Chris and Cris Hate the Rams: Version 14.0


The Rams Could Be The Toughest Road Test of the Vikings’ Season

…wow. When’s the last time you’ve heard that? At any rate, it’s no secret that the Rams have a very talented bunch on the defensive side of the ball. Ranked 2nd in the NFL in sacks, the front four are finally getting the respect that they deserve. They’re good…and Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier knows it.

Walter Updates His 2013 Mock Draft

It’s as if this guy knows I’m looking for his mock to be updated the day before my Random Ramsdom. And he never let’s me down. You da man, Walt. We've seen a lot of mocks from Walt, and it seems like more and more are beginning to pop up as the regular season nears it’s end [frown face]. He, not surprisingly, goes offensive lineman with his first pick at #16, and at #18 he selects… a safety.

In Sporting News…

Week 15back to top "
Cincinnati at Philadelphia 8:20 PM NFL
Lincoln Financial Field

Thursday Night Football - Uh oh! Tie alert! That’s right, these wannabe’s tied the last time they played, which was in 2008. Can rookie Nick Foles duplicate last week’s impressive 381 yard performance? For the Bengals, every game is a must win as they still have a chance of making a run for the playoffs. Yahoo! has your preview

Robert Griffin III Says He’s Getting Better By the Day

RGIII sounds optimistic that his jello leg is getting better every day. Yet he - nor Shanahan - are disclosing who this week’s starting QB is for the Washington Redskins. If you’re a fantasy owner, you want him to be a go. If you’re a Rams fan eyeing the Mock Drafts, you think it’s best he just rest up. Don’t be fooled, Shanahan’s playing this kid if he can stand on that leg. He’s got his priorities in mind, and his future supersedes Griffin’s. If he doesn't play, what implications will it have on the ROTY race between himself and Andrew Luck? Takes A Stab At Guessing Who Gets The Awards

Decisions, decisions. Selecting the MVP and ROTY awards in 2012 is going to be no simple task. There are a several top notch players who are going to qualify for multiple awards. The Rams will host one of them this Sunday. Let’s face it, everyone wants the MVP. Who gets it? Gil Brandt, from, tells you who he thinks should get it...

Marcus Allen On "A Football Life"

The NFL Network featured Hall of Fame Running Back Marcus Allen on Wednesday night. As usual, the show was excellent. If you weren’t able to see it, or simply chose to watch "Finding Bigfoot" on the Animal Planet Channel instead, here’s a sneak peak for you.

The NHL Doesn’t Need $230 Mil

Well, nearly half of what would have been the NHL regular season has already been cancelled, and that percentage will rise, as the NHL announced Monday that the league will cancel all games through December 30th. This lockout isn’t helping anyone. It’s not helping the league or it’s players. Worse off, it’s negatively impacting the local businesses that rely on revenue from game days.

Plain Ol’ Random…

And You Thought Your House Had It’s Problems

Does it seem as though your home repairs are never ending? Is your fixer upper proving to be just one expensive problem after another? When’s the last time you called your house ‘a piece of shi…’? Well, it could be worse. OK, I'm a sick puppy...

"Ma,am Are Those Real or Faux-caine?"

I’ve heard of pooping a balloon, but this is a new one. The things people will go through, and the places people will stuff things, in order to move a lil blow. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug - Rick James

On This Day In Sports History: After 13 years of pitching for the Boston Red Sox, Roger Clemens signed [as a free agent] with the Toronto Blue Jays on December 13th, 1996. Eleven years later - to the day - the Mitchell Report is released. In that report was a list of 89 players’ names who presumably had used Steroids or Human Growth Hormones. Clemens, being one of the most prominent pitchers in MLB history, unfortunately found his name on that list.

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