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Power rankings summary, Week 15: Upstate Upstarts

Back from New York, the Rams are climbing in the power rankings thanks to a 15-12 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.


Next year for these summaries, I'm just going to write connected short stories. It will be great and horrible at the same time. For now though, let's deal with reality.

The Rams picked up their sixth win of the season, bringing the team back to .500. But will the power rankings on the whole gauge the Rams as a perfect middle of the league team? A 16.5 (or around there) average would certainly suggest so.


Average ranking (# of rankings) 17.00 (11)
Average change from last week +1.00
Highest ranking (source) 13th (National Football Post)
Lowest ranking (source) 19th (SB Nation, always...)
Biggest positive change (source) +5 (SB Nation...and forever!)
Biggest negative change (source) -2 (Pro Football Talk...WTF?)

SB Nation: 19th (24th last week)

Keep those playoff hopes alive! Remember who was on the Rams bandwagon back in August!

ESPN: 17th (19th)

A victory over Minnesota would give the Rams their first winning record this late in the season since 2003. (Power Poll): 17th (19th) (Harrison): 16th (17th)

We mentioned two weeks ago in this space that the St. Louis Rams (then 4-6-1) could get right back in the playoff mix with wins over the 49ers, Bills and Vikings. Guess what? They're almost there. The Bears' loss in Minnesota was great news, as the Rams control their own destiny with the 7-6 Vikings this week, while two other 7-6 teams (Washington and Dallas) still have to play each other. I originally picked the Rams to win in Buffalo, but changed my mind at the last second. Intuition is a whimsical mistress.

CBS Sports: 18th (17th)

At 6-6-1, they have a three-game winning streak working. The Rams are building something for the future.

Yahoo! Sports: 18th (19th)

With three straight wins, the Rams have improved to 6-6-1 and can play the role of spoiler against the Vikings, Buccaneers and Seahawks. The first season of the Jeff Fisher/Les Snead Era is already a success and with multiple first-round picks in their back pocket, the future of the Rams is very bright.

Pro Football Talk: 17th (15th)

This team is going to end up far closer to a postseason berth than anyone ever would have imagined.

Pro Football Weekly: 18th (19th)

Brandon Gibson’s huge second half, game-winning TD keep Rams alive.

Fox Sports: 17th (17th)

The Rams won their third in a row on Sunday with a 14-play, 84-yard touchdown drive that lasted 4:07 and left just 48 seconds on the clock. It was Sam Bradford's third fourth-quarter comeback of the season.

National Football Post: 13th (15th)

Don’t forget about the Rams in the NFC Wild Card race.

Sports Illustrated: 17th (17th)

A .500 record in December. Going unbeaten in the division. And now a three-game winning streak for the first time since 2006. The signs of progress are everywhere in St. Louis this season.