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St. Louis Rams - Who's your Favorite Rams Player?

We all have our player preferences, don't we?


For me, picking my favorite Rams player is a close run thing. Danny Amendola wins the day for me, followed closely by James Laurinaitis, Chris Long, Steven Jackson and rookie Chris Givens. The "why" of my choices is simple enough. I choose based more on heart and passion for the game than I do anything else. Cortland Finnegan is right there too, but it's his pure professionalism I admire most about him.

So who is your favorite Rams player? Give me your pick, and state why as eloquently as possible the reasons for your choice. There's a James Laurinaitis Bobble-Head in it for the best answer. I'll create an article based on the top choices and announce the winner.

***The winner will have to wait for the box of JL55 Bobble Heads the Rams' Brian Killingsworth,Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy is sending me. I'll send the winner's out ASAP as soon as they arrive.***