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Random Ramsdom: Tuesday's Links

The Rams have a tough matchup on Sunday, but the Rams have shown they can stop the Run. Will that change Sunday?

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The Rams eeked one out on Sunday. I still can't decide on whether the Rams won the game or if the Bills lost it. If the Rams are going to win on Sunday, they are going to need to play better. The defense will need to lock down All-Day AP, and the offense will need to put up more than 20 points.

In Rams News…

Mike Sando of ESPN.COM, takes us inside of the 85 yard game winning drive. Sam Bradford was not great on Sunday, but his last drive resulted in a game winning touchdown. The Bills dropped not one, but two potential game winning interceptions. Like I said, did the Rams win this game, or did the Bills lose it?

Rams are in the hunt - Jim Thomas of helps us understand the Rams playoff road. The St. Louis Rams are in the playoff hunt, and what does every potential playoff team need? You got it, they need a good DJ. Apparently, Robert Quinn is the team's DJ. He spins nothing but the freshest beats and keeps the team pumped and ready to go.

Join Jim Thomas for his weekly 1pm Rams chat! Have any playoff questions? Take them to Jim!

John Rozum of The Bleacher Report analyzes the "ideal draft choices" entering the bowl season. Rozum has the Rams taking Chance Warmack at pick #16, and Justin Hunter at #20. Would you call these choices "ideal" for the Rams? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Brandon Jacobs Done In SF - Brandon Jacobs has been suspended from the San Francisco 49ers for the rest of the year and he is not happy about it. Jacobs was hoping to be released so that he could join another team and finish his year on a positive note. Sorry Brandon, that is not happening.

Power Rankings - The Bleacher Reports' Matt Miller's weekly power rankings are out and the Rams made no move. Despite a playoff hope saving win, the Rams stayed stagnant at #17. Miller does toss some daps Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford's way.

Were you wondering what makes AP so great? Well, if you were, Alen Dumonjic, of The Bleacher Report breaks it down for you. The Rams are going to have to come to play on Sunday if they want to limit AP. This is the type of game Michael Brockers was drafted for.

I expect the dome to be rocking harder than it has all year this weekend. I know I will be there. Adrian Peterson is a dominant player, but Ponder has looked below average without Percy Harvin. The Rams play better in the dome, but they are still going to need all the help they can get.