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Rams Sneak Out of Buffalo With a Huge Victory

The offense sputtered around for nearly four quarters. Then, with the game on the line, they drove down the field nearly 90 yards and scored. Suddenly, the Rams have their best winning streak since 2006.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Rams suddenly on the verge of becoming a good team? Earlier this season, I moaned and complained about how the Rams couldn't follow through and get things done. Against Detroit, Miami and San Francisco, they choked away games that they should have won.

Then, starting a week ago, something changed. The Rams are on a three game winning streak with two back-to-back fourth quarter game winning (or tying) drives. This is the definition of clutch play.

Let's Talk About Bradford

So- I'm perplexed about Bradford. On the one hand, he had some amazing completions on the final drive to Kendricks and then also to Gibson on the touchdown. On the other hand, George Wilson dropped two interceptions that could have ended the game on the same drive (not to mention the first interception that hit a defender in the back while Lance Kendricks was blanketed).

But let's be real here: Bradford did what he needed to do to win the game. The risky throws were a direct result of the receivers getting manhandled in the man coverage Buffalo deployed to stop them. Most of the ugly that we witnessed in the passing game was not his fault. His stat line would have been much better if Chris Givens caught a deep ball that fell right through his hands, which is only fitting given how the receivers played today.

Final words on Bradford: good enough.

Defensive Line: It's Fearsome

What has gotten into the Rams running defense? You have to hand it to the defensive line. They've been incredible as of late and they also really put the hammer down on Ryan Fitzpatrick. They face the biggest test of the season in Adrian Peterson, who is having a historic year.

One thing that nobody has mentioned so far is the depth of the line. You've got to be impressed with the level of play of the starters, there is no doubt, but don't forget about Eugene Sims, William Hayes and Jermelle Cudjo. It's been a long time since the Rams had this much talent on the line.

They are going to need it against Minnesota.

Injury Problems

The Rams really needed Danny Amendola this game. Like the announcers said, the Rams don't have someone who can consistently beat man coverage besides Danny. Hopefully, he'll be able to return because Sam Bradford and his wide receivers are nowhere close to being on the same page with each other.

Also on offense, the Rams oft-injured left tackle Rodger Saffold sat out a few snaps (twice) after being injured. While I think Wayne Hunter filled in admirably, the Rams clearly need Saffold to get as many reps as possible. He is the best offensive lineman they have at the most important position on the line. Consistency is going to be key here down the home stretch.

Speaking Of...

This is it guys. The Rams will be tested in the forms of Adrian Peterson (also known as Minnesota Vikings), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and finally, the Seattle Seahawks. Is it a long shot if the Rams make the playoffs? Yes. The Rams know they have to win out if they want any chance to go, so you're going to be seeing the best they have to offer against teams just as hungry as them. It's time to see what the team is made of.

Final Notes

  • I'm obliged to say I hate Barry Richardson. He must be replaced, and I've been on the Jake Matthews bandwagon for awhile now.

  • I'm done with the blame game on the missed throws on the options. At this point, it's equally the wide receiver and Bradford's fault. Get on the same page; you're teammates and professional football players, play like it!
  • Gibson wasn't terrible, but trusting him is a dangerous game. I'd be much happier if he was a role player instead of a starter, but at this point, nobody can beat him out.
  • Michael Brockers tore shit up yesterday. That's really the only way I can describe it.
  • The Arizona Cardinals put on the worst display of football I've seen in like...ever.