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Josh McDaniels A Head Coach Next Year?

It is being reported the Josh McDaniels is being considered for head coaching vacancies. This can't be serious can it?

Doug Pensinger

According to Mike Florio of, Josh McDaniels will be in the running for multiple head coaching positions in the off-season. The possible destinations listed for McDaniels are the Cleveland Browns, the Carolina Panthers,the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the San Diego Chargers.

Chuckles and eye-rolls are occurring all over Rams nation. McHoodie flunked out of his first head coaching job with the Denver Broncos in just one season.

He then joined Steven Spagnoulo's staff as Offensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks Coach, and dream killer. When McDaniels was hired by the Rams, there was a growing excitement over what he and his New England two tight end offense could bring to the Rams. It resulted in Sam Bradford taking 36 sacks in just 10 games and a season marred by injury.

I also believe McHoodie was instramental in the draft picks of Lance Kendricks, Greg Salas, and Austin Pettis. Two of which currently reside with the team, with only one playing a vital role. Salas has since been cut by the Rams and the Patriots.

If McDaniels gets another shot as a head coach, I hope the Rams play his team as it will surely result in a field day for Mr. Long and Mr. Quinn.