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DC’s Week 13 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em

Good Saturday, Fantasy Football fans! I hope that your fantasy greatness has awarded you the opportunity - regardless of the outcome - to enter the fantasy postseason. For some leagues, Week 14 could potentially be the first game of the playoffs. It’s imperative that you scoop up some depth for your squad, as NFL teams [who’ve locked in a playoff berth] begin to sit their star players. You wouldn’t want to lose your fantasy league because Arian Foster is resting up, would you?



Start Em: Quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill (v. NE) : For a couple of reasons he’s a good play. First, the Dolphins will lose, so they’ll likely be airing it out in a last ditch effort to not be embarassed. Secondly, the NE defense allows the 2nd most points opposing FF QB’s.

Chad Henne (v. BUF) : What? I already named the Dolphins starter, didn’t I? Nope, Blaine Gabbert is terrible. If there were a ‘drop em’ section of this post, he’d be there. Henne, however, has been impressive in Gabby’s stead in Jacksonville. 515 yards and 6 TD’s in two games is….well…impressive. Buffalo isn’t a pushover in the passing game, but still giving up Top-10 points to opposing QB’s.

Sit Em: Quarterbacks

Carson Palmer (v. CLE) : Sadly, I’ve ridden this train as far as I can ride it. For some teams, playing from behind equates to fantasy points late in the game. As Palmer’s fantasy points have deteriorated over the past four weeks, CLE’s defense has stepped up allowing less than 200 yards against the past FIVE QB’s they’ve faced. Gabbert’s probably a better option

Colin Kaepernick (@ STL) : A ton of QB pressure is about to cause a sophomore slump, and a resurgent INT-hungry Rams secondary takes advantage. There will be no tie in 2012 for this season series, and it’ll be because the Rams defense derails the 49ers much like they did the Cardinals.

Start Em: Running Backs

Beanie Wells (v. NYJ) : The world knows that LaRod Stephens-Howling isn’t any good…that includes the Cardinals coaching staff. Wells, in his first game back, had two scores and saw 17 carries. Stephens-Howling saw one. Just one. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Jets have allowed 100 yard performances to five straight RB’s

Steven Jackson (v. SF) : Yea, I’m a homer. Say something! SJAX’s last TD came against the 49ers in their house. He also had his first 100+ game in Week 10….in SF. At home, looking and feeling fresh, Steven will continue his tear towards an eighth straight 1,000 yard season. I don’t care if the ’85 Bears help the 9ers on Sunday….Beast Mode has been initiated

C.J. Spiller (v. JAX) : Take a look at Spiller’s yardage stats for the season, and you won’t be impressed. Part of that is because he’s in a timeshare with Fred Jackson (who could also shred this defense), but regardless Spiller has gotten it done, scoring double digit fantasy points in five of his last 6 games. The thing that’s keeping C.J. from joining the fantasy elite is that he cannot show off his TD dance, having scored just once in the last six weeks. Regardless, he’s a dual-threat who looks to carry the majority of the workload, and leads the NFL in YPC

Sit Em: Running Backs

Ryan Mathews (v. Who Cares?) : Bust! I don’t have the time to research when the last time he ran 100 yards was. College maybe?

DeAngelo Williams (v. @KC) : Shew! Let me be the first to apologize if you drafted Williams….or any player on the Panthers actually. You’ve been duped! If you’ve got Williams, then I probably don’t need to tell you that he’s scored less than 15 points TOTAL since Week 6. You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself "Why is he still on my team?"

Start Em: Wide Receivers

Cecil Shorts (@ BUF) : Who? Sorry, I was talking to myself again. Well, now I can tell you who. Shorts is the TOP WR in Jacksonville, and now that Blaine Gabbert has been relieved of the duties he never fulfilled, he’s become a legitimate fantasy stud. Cecil has surpassed 100+ in two of his last three, and has scored a TD in all three. You can rely on this guy to matter for the remainder of the season, as the Jags try to hold onto their dignity. Post Script: Thanks for trading up. Sincerely, Rams fans

Pierre Garcon (v. NYG) : A big payday in the offseason hasn’t equated to big time production in 2012 for the Washington Redskins. Garcon, however, has shown flashes of brilliance in the short amount of time he’s seen the field. In his first game as a Skin, he went for 109 yards. He’s battled injury throughout the season, but was healthy enough [on a short week] to scorch the Cowboys for 86 yards and TD [in Dallas] on Thanksgiving. If the coaching staff gives Pierre a bit of rest this week, there’s no reason to see why RG3 doesn’t get to play with his favorite new toy a little bit more on MNF

Sit Em: Wide Receivers

Larry Fitzgerald (@ NYJ) : Yea, you heard me. The Jets are without their best corner, who is potentially the best in all of football, but Antonio Cromartie is no slouch, and figures to cover Fitz all afternoon. In fact, in his last eight games, only one WR [Sidney Rice] has eclipsed the double-digit mark for fantasy points. Sadly, Larry Fitz is proof that football is a team sport. I’m not sure who’ll be throwing the ball to/at him in Week 13, but honestly it won’t matter. Very sad...

Anyone Who Might Catch a Ball By Someone Not Named Ben Roethlisberger (@ BAL) : Let’s face it, this game is over, and so are the chances of fantasy relevancy for the WR’s involved.

In a Crunch: Tight End

Marcedes Lewis (@BUF) : Most likely, you either have a mainstay at TE at this point in the season. Whether or not they are consistent, you roll with someone who’s not part of the Top-Tier bunch and hope for results. It’s to be expected. Lewis, with the Henne at the helm, has tallied 96 yards and two scores over the past two games. That’s a far cry from the goose egg he’d laid in the ‘TD Dept.’ dating back to week 4. He probably won’t be the reason you win, but if you’re sitting on a middle-of-the-pack TE, Lewis could provide a postive boost to your team…which is hopefully headed to the 2012
Fantasy Playoffs

Start Marcedes over guys like: Brandon Myers and Brandon Pettigrew. My name is Brandon, so you can’t call me a hater. For Myers, the Browns defense is the best in the NFL in shutting down opposing TE’s. For Pettigrew, well, it’s my experience. I, like you, probably expected this offense to be much more explosive, and therefore find him with lots of red zone targets and TD’s. The truth of the matter is that he’s not scored double digit fantasy points in 12 weeks.

Does and Dont’s On D

If you’re looking for a defense that may add you a few more points, or at least cover your backside as you near the fantasy postseason, look no further than the Cowboys D/ST’s. The Eagles are in complete shambles, and with a young, inexperienced QB running the show, Cowboys stadium might be just the place for a huge fantasy performance.

Do NOT start the Giants D/ST’s. Fantasy aside, the Giants won the last matchup [their first since 2010] in the waining seconds of the game on a long bomb to Victor Cruz. Robert Griffin III, however, ran for 89 yards on them that day, and experience + healthy WR’s could equal a high scoring day for the Skins at home in Washington D.C. Landover, MD. The Skins are the #1 rushing team in the NFL, and will look to use rookie standout Alfred Morris early and often. Points will be scored, and though the defending SB Champs may still win, it won’t be because they shut out the Skins at home.

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