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How do you watch the St. Louis Rams?

Whether you're inside the Dome or kicking it in your living room, every has their own way of watching the game. In

Chung Sung-Jun

I used to be young. Used to feel young. My favorite way to enjoy game day was at the Rainbow Grill in Basalt, Co. It didn't always end in a, um, neat and tidy fashion, but, man, for that first set of games, the first two sets, it was blissed out single living at its finest.

Later on, I always liked going over to my father-in-law's house - he's a Chiefs fan but does have more than one TV - there's beer and potato chips.

Life's changed a little bit since then, in a good way, of course. Sundays are kind of busy for me now. I watch a lot of different screens. It's intense, but incredible and thrilling.

How do you dig the games on Sunday? Big TV? Bar? Friends? Family? Do you keep an iPad handy or a phone to follow Twitter and stuff like that?

Let's hear it. Bonus points for pictures.

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