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Fantasy football advice: Add Rams WR Danny Amendola ... NOW

Danny Amendola will return to action for the St. Louis Rams this week. He needs to be in your fantasy lineup as well.


Nobody will be happier to see Danny Amendola back in the lineup this week than Sam Bradford. The St. Louis Rams quarterback's top option in the passing game returns to the fold after four weeks off with a nasty separated clavicle. Rams fans obviously understand why his return is so important, but fantasy football folks should see and seize the opportunity themselves.

Just how important to the Rams is Amendola? Having missed three games (the fourth week was the team's bye), he still leads all receivers in targets with 49 as well as receiving yards with 395. He's been Bradford most consistent option for quick passes and most reliable option for deeper and intermediate routes.

That's right, this isn't the old dink and dunk Amendola. Brian Schottenheimer has awakened the total package that is Danny Amendola, using him on the outside as well as in the slot and putting him on a variety of routes that take advantage of his incredible quickness and reliable hands.

You want more proof? He's averaging 12.3 yards per reception. In his on-the-radar year of 2010, he averaged just 8.1 yards per reception in Pat Shurmur's thrill fest. He's averaging 6.4 catches per game and 79 yards. What more do you need to know?

Ok, so the guy isn't going to take Calvin Johnson's place in your lineup, but he's a excellent addition to you roster ... go get him if you can.