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Random Ramsdom 11/6 - More Bradford Talk You Say?

It's hard to go into the bye week after a loss like the one the Rams took at the hands of the Patriots. While the Rams were on a bye, the rest of the league continued to offer compelling story-lines and for some reason the Sam Bradford conjecture seems to have reached an all-time high.


It's been meager in the Rams news world, but this is the NFL, so there will always be someone talking about the Rams, somewhere. Let's take a look at what's being said.

AMENDOLA IS COMING BACK! - Rams fans, coaches, and most importantly Sam Bradford, rejoice at the fact that Danny Amendola is coming back! Amendola's toughness rating on Madden 13 better be a 99 because this man is tougher than nails. Going into the Bay for the Rams first game against the 49ers, Amendola couldn't have picked a better time to return. Add Amendola to the emerging Chris Givens, and the Rams have a one two punch that should be respectable.

Dear Rams Front Office, resign Amendola ASAP.

Ranking QB performances - Had your fill of Sam Bradford conjecture? Well, Jon Dove of The Bleacher Report offers his grades for all of the quarterbacks in the league.

Bernie looks into the future of the Rams - Bernie also takes a look at the Rams upcoming schedule. He also tackles topics such as strength of schedule, Mike Shanahan, Donnie Avery, college football fans, and Marc Rzepczynski.

Wait, you want more Bradford talk? - Mike Sando, NFC West writer, offers a scout's take on Sam Bradford. Bradford has suffered due to the lack of talent, but at some point he needs to make the people around him better. How many great games has Sam had in his career? Is Sam the answer? Can he continue to develop and eventually be the answer? All are tough questions with tough answers.

RG3 can't do it all - RG3 can't do it all, but he sure tries to. The Redskins lost their third straight game, improving the Rams 1st round draft pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. RG3 is a very good football player, but he doesn't have the support around him to win on a regular basis and that may not change anytime soon. The Redskins have suffered some devastating injuries this season and it has exposed their lack of depth. Where do teams gain key contributors? The NFL Draft. The Redskins will be forced to hit on mid and late round picks or add through free agency if they want to add the necessary talent around Bob.

Shanahan was misinterpreted - After said that he was misinterpreted regarding the controversial quotes that came after the Redskins' loss on Sunday. Following the game and that quote, Redskins fans were calling for Shanahan's job. It is safe to say that Redskins nation is in a state of tumult. Many believe that it's a forgone conclusion that Shanahan is a goner after the season is over. RG3 in a new system in year two could spell another high draft pick for the Rams next year. Stay tuned for more.

The 49ers await the Rams following the bye week. Some teams have let downs coming off such lengthy time off, but hopefully the return of Danny Amendola amps the team up. I've heard people say the Rams defense feeds off of Cortland Finnegan's attitude. I hope the offense does the same with Danny Amendola.

Offensive production is one area the Rams suffer in. I doubt going up against the 49ers defense will change that. We can always hope.