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Monday Night Football Game Thread

The New Orleans Saints host the Philadelphia Eagles tonight.

Joe Sargent

When the season started, did anyone think the Saints and Eagles would have the win/loss records they do now? Some say the mighty have fallen, but to fall this far? Simply shocking. Yet neither team is out of the post season hunt. Each will need to go on near perfect runs against solid opponents, but it could happen. The most likely team of the two is the Saints, or at least that's what I thought until I watch Doug Martin and the Tampa Bay Bucs roll on Sunday. The NFC South has some great teams - Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans and Carolina.

To win tonight, the Eagles need to make running back LeSean McCoy the featured part of their offense. The Saints run defense has been dismal. If Andy Reid tries to make this a pass happy game against Drew Brees and Co., they'll lose.

So set the Lazy Boy front and center, because it's time for Monday Night Football! Enjoy the game!