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Rams Midseason Review: WR


Drops have been far to prevalent for the Rams....again.
Drops have been far to prevalent for the Rams....again.

Previously we looked at the QBs and the RBs, so in appropriate football order, it's time for WRs!! Let's get right to it!

Eric Nagel

F, After Amendola went down (who played well- but isn't someone we should count on day-in, day-out because of his injury history) I was hoping one receiver would step up at least. No one has. Chris Givens looks to be a solid deep threat once or twice per game, but he is nowhere near ready for the constant pressure of being #1. Gibson has been wildly inconsistent, Steve Smith has been a no show and Austin Pettis is a good role player, but not much more. The biggest disappointment so far is Brian Quick, who simply isn't ready by any means to do much of anything. Once again the Rams will look for options in the offseason.

Tevin Broner

D+, It would be higher if Danny Amendola was playing. Brandon Gibson has dissapeared in games, and Chris Given's has been beating teams deep, but he's been a one play wonder. He get's one big play a game, but that's better than nothing.

Mike Dietrich

C Danny Amendola was having a nice year but also gets a ton of chances as he is always the 1st read for Sam and rarely looks away. Givens is a great pick for a 4th rounder but Quick shows nothing even in garbage time, this team needed immediate impact and Quick is not giving it for a #33 pick. Gibson is only on the team because he knows the system but makes at least 1-2 maddening plays a week, Smith and other are Jag's.

Joe Mazzi

C Each time a Rams receiver steps up, another one - or that same one - falls down. With exception of Danny Amendola, who has missed the last three and a half games, the receiving corp is surrounded, engulfed with question marks. Brandon Gibson is essentially Two-Face, Brian Quick is the epitome of a rookie learning curve and Austin Pettis is lost on the depth chart. Steve Smith appears to be the odd man out, and will be when Amendola returns. The Rams can't throw 50 yards down field to Chris Givens on every play; they need more help.

Douglas M

C The wide receivers for the Rams all seem to be playing to their age and experience level. That said, it doesn't bode well for a WR corps who has to compete NOW. True, there are a couple shining parts in Amendola and Givens, but neither of these two can carry a team to any degree. Second round pick Brian Quick isn't ready to play more than a few plays a game, and Austin Pettis, Brandon Gibson, and Steve Smith are no more than WR3s or WR4s at this point. Outside of Amendola, Sam Bradford has little reason to have faith in any of the rest of the WR corps for the Rams. I truly think this groups has potential, but it will need to add a couple assets to it in the next couple drafts.

Brandon Birkhead

D+ Danny Amendola is good, really good. Brandon Gibson (I think Tevin and I are the only people left who like him) keeps showing that he has playmaker potential, and that he will never reach it because of simple mistakes. Wish I had something else positive to say about the WRs. Quick is non-existant so far (but patience Rams fans, patience) and everyone else just seems to exist in a mess of meh.

Next up will be offensive line, a must read! If you would like to participate in the next mailbag, hit me up!