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Hall of Fame Nominees List is Out - Who Deserves 2012 Consideration?

The lists are filled with amazing players, irregardless of the time they played in the NFL. There are very few shoe-ins on this list, but like all NFL fans, I have my personal favorites..

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

While Jerome Bettis and Kevin Greene have being a Rams player on there resumes, and Aeneas Williams spent a couple years with the team, I'm not sure if any of them will make it this time around in the balloting. A couple of names stand out though. Don Coryell has to be favored for Hall of Fame entry. His "Air-Coryell" offense was the most dynamic of his day, and is credited with being the basis of quite a few offensive schemes.

Steve Atwater is a personal favorite of mine. I've never seen a safety hit as hard as Atwater did while playing for the Denver Broncos. He literally made receivers dread running anywhere near him. Jonathan Ogden is a first time ballot-ee, and it's hard to imagine one of the greatest offensive tackles of all time being left out. Larry Allen, the perennial All-Pro guard who played for the Dallas Cowboys may have a shot too. Art Modell will no doubt make the 2012 inductee crew, and he'd be a worthy choice too. The Cleveland Brown's owner since 1961, he played a key role in the NFL's development. He garnered both infamy and fame when he moved his team from Cleveland to Baltimore, giving rise to the Ravens franchise.

Some players will have a tough time ever getting into the Hall of Fame. Cris Carter, though one of the best receivers ever for the Minnesota Vikings, is tarnished by cocaine use allegations. Andre Reed was an incredible receiver for the Buffalo - 0 and 4 in the Super Bowl - Bills, but the lack of winning the big game seems to have unfairly stuck to him. 2012 has been the year of the kicker, so Morten Anderson may very well make it in.

Which of these great players, coaches and contributors deserve Hall of fame inclusion in your eyes, and why?

Larry Allen, OL
Morten Andersen, K
Steve Atwater, S
Jerome Bettis, RB
Tim Brown, WR/KR
Cris Carter, WR
Don Coryell, Coach
Roger Craig, RB
Terrell Davis, RB
Edward DeBartolo, Jr, Owner
Kevin Greene, LB/DE
Charles Haley, LB/DE
Joe Jacoby, T
Albert Lewis, CB
John Lynch, FS
Karl Mecklenburg, LB
Art Modell, Owner
Jonathan Ogden, T
Bill Parcells, Coach
Andre Reed, WR
Warren Sapp, DT
Will Shields, G
Michael Strahan, DE
Paul Tagliabue, Commissioner
Steve Tasker, ST/WR
Aeneas Williams, CB/S
George Young, Contributor