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St. Louis Rams: The "Just for Fun" Mock Draft

Here's a word I want you all to remember: FUN. This means, if for some reason someone expresses a thought or opinion not running in parallel to your own, you'll need to go to your happy place and think of the word: FUN. No 'chippy" or "snippy" is allowed. Why do I mention this? Because we're going to take a dive into the surreal this bye week for the Rams. To do this, I'm going to ask you to accept a premise: The Rams have the top two picks in the 2013 NFL draft...

Jeff Gross

How it happened, no one really knows. Somehow, both the Rams and Redskins teams contracted Mononucleosis, and they lost all the rest of their games in 2012. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs both go on mad win streaks, and end up in the AFC Championship Game (The Jags win; final score: 3-2). Did I mention Tim Tebow wins the NFL MVP award...No?

So the stage is set for the Rams to take the two top picks in the 2013 NFL Draft, and do something incredible. The only problem is Les Snead's "Mono" hasn't abated, and Jeff Fisher can't be there on draft day due to a music video commitment. They pass the draft day decisions on to you, so what will you do? Your first thought is to trade down in the draft, but then the phone rings. It's the NFL league office, and they remind you of the new "No Trading of Picks" rule. While you're swearing at them, they hang up. Now you have to decide who you'll take in the draft with the top two picks.

Who will you take? The CBA makes taking a lineman with a top pick acceptable. There are two highly touted quarterbacks in the draft: Geno Smith and Matt Barkley. Then there's the defensive line choices... Too many choices, and you reach for the Tylenol.

So... With the 1st and 2nd picks in the draft, tell me who you'd take and why?