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DC’s Week 9 Fantasy Football Duds

Top of the weekend to you, Fantasy Football fans! In case you missed it, yesterday I covered some Week 9 "Fantasy Hotties" that you’re definitely going to want to start if you’ve got ‘em, or pickup if they’re available. As game time nears, and the inactive lists grow longer, make certain that you’ve got backups ready or a waiver wire plan in place! Some players though, regardless of injury status, need to sit as if they were on IR…

Rob Carr

Whether it be due to matchup, or simply a fantasy fall from grace, there are players that could - and will - let you down in Week 9. In fantasy football it’s imminent. There is however a recipe for success: A few household chemicals in the proper proportions…nevermind, that’s Bert’s recipe for bombs in Tremors. It probably still applies, but if you can’t find meaning in one of (if not the) greatest movie of all time, then just ensure that you’re assessing players health, matchups, and heeding the advice of experts like yours truly.

Week 9 Fantasy Duds

Matt Cassel - QB, Chiefs - Classic face rub. This ones over, and if you started him so is your fantasy season. You probably shouldn’t have been invited to a league...

Andy Dalton - QB, Bengals - The Broncos rank 8th in the NFL against the pass, and have held every single QB they’ve faced to less than 300 yards passing. That list includes Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Schaub, and Philip Rivers. Dalton won’t be the 1st

Sam Bradford - QB, Rams - Hey homer, he’s on a bye week you silly mother fu...

Michael Turner - RB, Falcons - What’s to like? He’s averaging 13 carriers per game, at 3.8 yards per. He's scored one TD since Week 4. He’s old. He’s fat. He’s slow. Warn your bench, there’s about to be a lot of weight on it. Sidenote: Please don’t think this means you can start Quizz. You can’t

Alex Green - RB, Packers - It was a solid moving grabbing him off waivers when Benson went down. He hasn’t let you down. Oh no…wait, that’s all he’s done. Over the past three weeks he’s carried the rock 64 times for 154 yards. That’s 2.9 ypc baaaaaaaaaaad

Felix Jones - RB, Cowboys - Yes, he’s had two TD’s in his past three games. Even so, he’s been a fantasy nightmare…and not for your opposition. Case in point, last week he rushed 13 times for 19 yards and a score. He has 5 fantasy points. He’s not Demarco Murray. Never will be…

LaRod Stephens-Howling - RB, Cardinals - This is going to be a blowout, and LSH will play no part in it. He won’t be running the ball, and even if he were, he wouldn’t be running very far. It’s important that he does in FF. Oh, and in Week 3, he rushed eight times for -14 yards. You should be ashamed of yourself for owning him.

Steven Jackson - RB, Packers - Psyche! Bye week, son! Sit him on the bench this week. He’ll need the rest so that he can scorch the 49ers in Week 10

Santana Moss - WR, Redskins - There is no one else to throw to. I could be wrong on this one, so I won’t recommend you sit him necessarily, but use him as WR3 if possible. If not for the 3 TDs in the past two weeks, his fantasy season would be in the gutter. He’s been targeted 36 times in eight weeks, and has only 23 catches. Brandon Gibson has more catches [28] in 2012.

Torrey Smith - WR, Ravens - Smith has been a non-factor over the past three weeks. Nine catches for 103 yards and one score. Even in the game where he found the end zone he was good for 8 points. Point out that he had a 97 yard, TD performance in Week 4 against the Browns if you’d like. Heard of Joe Haden? Well, he didn’t play that game. In the past two games, he held Reggie Wayne and Malcolm Floyd to 89 total yards. Neither showed off a TD dance

Kenny Britt, Kendall Wright, & Nate Washington - WR’s, Titans - "Poop" is the first word that comes to mind. Just. Don’t. Do. It

Brian Quick - WR, Rams - Every week is a bye week for Brian. Feel free to sit him again

Kyle Rudolph - TE, Vikings - Seattles defense is legit…especially at home, where they’re undefeated. Outside of a garbage time TD against the Redskins, he’s failed to score in the past four weeks. During that three-week span, he’s had eight catches for 73 yards. His early season success is disappearing.

Jermichael Finley - TE, Packers - Epic Fail. I’m sorry you drafted him. If it makes you feel better, I drafted Chris Johnson in the 1st round of my ESPN league. He’s only scored double digit points [Week 1, where he scored his lone TD on the season], and has only scored seven fantasy points in the past four weeks. You should pull the bench out from under him and hope there’s a waiver well below it.

Matthew Mulligan - TE, Rams - After a blocked punt and TD performance in Week 2, Matthew Mulligan has been worth sitting. He’s also on bye this week, so I wouldn’t recommend starting him. Man, that block and TD combo were pretty awesome though.

Philadelphia - D/ST's - Drew Brees and the Saints have already had their bye week, and Brees has thrown for over 2300 yards [2nd in the NFL]. That’s 330 yards per game. In standard scoring that alone would get you 13 points. Add in the fact that he’s averaging 3 TD’s per game for the season, and you’ve got yourself one fine fantasy player. It’s going to be a barn burner on Monday Night Football. Make sure you DO play Drew Brees, and STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM PHILLY’S D

Arizona - D/ST’s - Short week. On the road, in Lambeau. Struggling as of late, and facing a Packers team that is officially on a tear. Even with the loss to the woeful Colts, the Packers have scored 151 points in their last five games [30 points per]. Arizona is about to get destroyed

St. Louis - D/ST’s - Stan Kroenke has posted a reward if you are able to find them. They did not make the trip to London and have not been seen since Week 7’s loss to the Packers.

Hopefully that bit of information is enough to assist you in gaining another much-needed fantasy football win this weekend. If I failed to mention a player of yours, either in this post or the "Week 9 Fantasy Hotties" just shoot me a line in the comments section or holla at me on Twitter. Best of luck!