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Danny Amendola injury: Rams receiver likely to be game-time decision

Amendola, Scott Wells and Robert Quinn all missed practice again on Thursday. Coaches remain optimistic that all of them will play this week.

Christian Petersen

Danny Amendola watched his team practice again on Thursday, a walking boot strapped to his leg. Nevertheless, the St. Louis Rams receiver has not been ruled out for this week's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer did say after Thursday's practice that Amendola would likely be a game-time decision again.

Amendola was a game-time decision last week, convincing the coaches to let him in the lineup. He played seven snaps, catching one 37-yard pass on a drive that ended with an interception. He did not play in the second half of the game.

Schottenheimer explained why Amendola would likely be a game-time decision after practice ... hint: it's largely because of the guy's giant will.

"I think so. He's hard to keep off the field. He loves to play. Again, I know he's doing everything he can to get back. Boy, he made a couple great plays for us last week to help us, kind of ignite us in that second quarter."

Also absent from practice today was center Scott Wells. Not to worry, the team is just resting the veteran lineman. More from Schottenheimer when asked if this was a "maintenance thing" with Wells:

"Yes, I think so. I think he's looked good. Again, it's one of those deals you've just got to kind of monitor some of the older guys and get them to Sundays."

Wells' return has been a boost for the Rams offensive line.

From Scottenheimer:

"I think, obviously there's a quickness factor there. The thing about Scott, you see him, he's a little bit undersized for most centers in the league, but boy is he quick. He's explosive. He gets on people and again, I think that gives you so much in terms of the run game, of capturing your target in the pass game, trying to pass off games and stunts like that. So, it was great to have him back and being able to move Rob Turner back over to guard helped us because it was a pretty seamless transition because the calls were in there and they were working together. It's nice to have him back. I thought he played very well last week and as he gets more and more comfortable and confident being out there, I think he'll get even better."

Defensive end Robert Quinn was out as well, still dealing with a concussion. Assistant head coach Dave McGinnis was hopeful that Quinn would return for this week's game:

"We've got plenty of time until Sunday."

Quinn will have to pass a concussion test in order to get back on the field. It seems like a stretch, but players are good to go as soon as they are cleared. Keep an eye on tomorrow's injury report for more on Quinn.