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Rams Vs. 49ers: Things are different this time

The Rams are coming off a win against the Arizona Cardinals. But two weeks ago, the Rams were in prime position to beat the highly favored 49ers in San Francisco.

Christian Petersen

Two weeks ago, the St. Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49ers played to a stalemate. Although the Rams should have won, the team showed that it could hang with one of the best teams in the league.

Little did the Rams know, when they knocked Alex Smith out of the first game, they would release a quarterback much more dangerous then the former number one pick. Colin Kaepernick is 2-0-1 right now and he brings a different style of play than Alex Smith.

Kaepernick was about average when he relieved Smith after he got injured in the 49ers last match up against the Rams, but his last two games against the Bears and Saints were impressive. He has four touchdowns, three passing and one rushing, in his last two starts, and has only thrown one interception.

For the Rams the biggest difference is Chris Givens and Janoris Jenkins. Both of these players are coming off career games. Jenkins with two interceptions for touchdowns. Givens is coming off a five-reception, 115-yard day.

Also, there's the return of Scott Wells to the lineup. Because in front of every good quarterback is a good center, and while he isn't the best, he's still pretty damn good. Also, the Rams will have their starting lineup on the offensive line, which is a good thing because you can count the times they have started together on one hand.

The differences this time around don't seem big on paper, but they will be the difference between a win, loss, or tie, even though the latter never happens.