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Which route should the Rams take with receivers in 2013?

The Rams will have to do something at the wide receiver position after the season.

The Rams can't be without Danny Amendola and not have another wide receiver fill the void.
The Rams can't be without Danny Amendola and not have another wide receiver fill the void.

There's a reason that when Danny Amendola isn't playing the Rams' offense isn't scoring. The team doesn't have wide receivers that can get open consistently on their own. Although, Chris Givens did look good last week against the Cardinals when Danny Amendola was too injured to play. This team needs a threat.

The team does have a few players on their roster that are good compliments. Brandon Gibson is a solid player who can grab 4 or 5 catches. Brian Quick hasn't been quick enough to develop. Austin Pettis makes tough catches. Then the Rams have Steve Smith who most likely won't be on the team next season.

With contracts for Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola and Steve Smith in the final year, the Rams will have try and improve the wide receiver position via the draft or free agency.

Here are the 4 options the Rams will have this upcoming off-season.

Route 1: Free Agent

Obviously this route could get pricey. This past off-season Vincent Jackson ran away with five-year, $55.55 million dollar deal.

Which means the Rams might have to overspend on a player, if the teams goes this route. Not only that, but the history regarding free agent wide receivers and their new teams isn't always positive. Just because a player did great in one system doesn't mean they will do the same in another. Look at Pierre Garcon with 16 receptions and 251 yards this season. He does have a foot injury, but he's just one example.

The good news is that for every Pierre Garcon, there's a Vincent Jackson. This year Jackson has 47 receptions, 959 yards, and 7 touchdowns. I don't think I have to say that the Rams would welcome that production with open arms.

There should be some good targets if the Rams decide to go this route, right now those players are Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, and Dwayne Bowe. These three players would bring a spark to the team, and if they aren't considered number one receivers, then they would at least be good players for Sam Bradford to grow with.

The Rams are likely to re-sign Danny Amendola.

Route 2: Draft a Rookie

This is the most popular option for most fans. It's hard to blame them when players like A.J Green and Juilo Jones are having great starts to their young careers.

The truth is you rarely see players out of the draft play like studs, no matter what round they were drafted. If the Rams do draft a wide receiver there's a good chance they will have to wait at least a year or three, before that player develops good enough to be an asset to the team. Brian Quick is a great example of this.

The issue is should the Rams draft a wide receiver such as Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, or Justin Hunter high in the draft and hope they produce in their first year? Or is selecting a lower round player, like the Rams did with Chris Givens, the best solution? That means the Rams can address other needs in the draft or free agency.

Route 3: Why not draft a wide receiver and pay a vet?

The best things in life are free, but this option could be expensive for the team. The Rams went this route in 2010, drafting Brian Quick and Chris Givens and signing Steve Smith.

It was a low cost option. If the Rams want Sam Bradford to look better they will have to spend some cheddar. The Rams shouldn't pick up a player that might help Sam, they should pick up a player that will help Sam. Then when the draft comes around, the team can draft a receiver in the 2nd through 5th round.

If the Rams do this, they will either have to give Amendola a new long term deal, let him go, or decide to pick up another lower tier guy, they don't have the money to spend that much for receivers.

Route 4: Keep our current wide receivers

Long story short, re-sign everybody. Hope Sam will grow with the receivers and spend their money on other positions that the Rams need an upgrade at, like offensive tackle, linebacker, or safety.