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Chris Long & Robert Quinn: On the Verge of Something Special

The Rams have not had two DEs with double digit sacks in over a decade. Will that change this year?


Back during the summer, I recall having Twitter conversations with people (y'all go follow me @iAmEddieP_ if you don't so already). These conversations ranged from a variety of topics; everything from music, women, food, baseball, women, and of corse, the St. Louis Rams.

One of these conversations about the Rams centered around two specific individuals: defensive ends Chris Long and Robert Quinn. The key subject matter surrounding these two pass rushers was either:

  • How many sacks do you think they will have individually?
  • Who will have the most?
  • How many sacks will they have between the two?
  • Will the Rams have two DEs with double digit sacks?

All these questions seemed very reasonable during the off-season. Long had just come off his first double digit sack campaign (13). Quinn was coming off of an impressive rookie season, demonstrating quickness and speed off the line. He mustered five sacks in limited playing time.

There was plenty of excitement surrounding these two players. The thought of having TWO legitimate pass rushing threats on the field at the same time was borderline savory.Long and Quinn both potentially having double digit sacks was even more mouth-watering.

As of right now, the duo is 4.5 sacks away from achieving the feat. Robert has 8.5 sacks so far, and only needs 1.5 sacks to reach the double digit mark. Chris isn't that far behind N0. 94; he has seven sacks in the season and needs three more to have consecutive seasons with 10 or more sacks.

Quinn and Long have 5 games to try to reach the goal.

If you are wondering if the Rams have ever had a DE tandem both accumulate double digit sacks, the answer is yes. The last time that happened was over a decade ago, back in the glory days of 2001. And who were those two players to amass ten or more sacks during the same season? Kevin Carter and Grant Wistrom.

Bet some of y'all – the younger cats – do not even recall these two guys.